Chamber of Commerce expands through Somerset

The Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce has expanded to the rest of Somerset and rebranded as the Somerset Business Chamber. PHOTO: FILE

Somerset businesses will soon benefit from having a region-wide chamber of commerce.

The Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2021 and has now expanded to include the whole Somerset area, rebranding as Somerset Business Chamber.

Chamber President Lee Robinson said they were asked numerous times to expand their reach and late last year decided the time was right.

“We’ve changed the name now to the Somerset Business Chamber,” he said.

“We’re moving throughout the Somerset region to support businesses and give them the same benefits that we are providing in Kilcoy.”

Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce merged with the Somerset Regional Business Alliance to expand the chamber to the south.

Expanding to include all of Somerset has been sought after for some time.

“We’ve been asked by quite a number of people ‘when are you taking it into Somerset’, and we’ve been asked by the council on many occasions,” Mr Robinson said.

Mr Robinson said the chamber committee wanted to establish themselves in Kilcoy before branching out.

“We got our strategy and got things right in Kilcoy,” he said.

“A little bit before Christmas we said now’s the time, let’s get moving on it.

“And with the elections coming up we also though it was a good time to make that move as well.”

The chamber aims to support businesses, provide networking opportunities, and be a representative body to government.

“We want to be able to support businesses and liaise with council and government for businesses in the whole region,” Mr Robinson said.

“We want to promote economic growth for the region, not just Kilcoy.”

The Kilcoy Chamber of Commerce was hosting 16 networking events in a year, one per month plus four special events, and they will slowly start launching events in other townships.