Three Crosses on the Hill Service

The Three Crosses on the Hill Good Friday service will be held on March 29 at Coleyville. PHOTO: PIXABAY

The Christian churches through the Lord Jesus Christ offer lasting help for all of our earthly trials.

On a hill at Coleyville a few weeks before Easter, three wooden crosses will be erected to remind everyone that over 2,000 years ago, three men were also crucified on three crosses on a hill at Calvery.

These three men were crucified on a cross for sins committed.

Two for their own sins and the one in the middle, Jesus Christ, was crucified for our sins.

The real blessing comes when three days later He rose from the dead and conquered death to assure us eternal life if we care to follow Him and His directions.

With this assurance and knowing that we can walk hand in hand with Him through our earthly trials, we can then cope with them more confidently, knowing that our God will not test us beyond our ability.

This is the message that will be presented at our Good Friday service on the hill at Coleyville on March 29 by our speaker Matthew Bolte.

The topic for the service is ‘the fellowship of the cross’ Philippians 3:8-14.

The Good Friday service will be held on a hill on the corner of Eder Bros. Rd and Rosewood-Warrill View Rd, Coleyville.

The service will be held under a large tent with chairs provided.

There will be Hot Cross Buns, donuts, and drinks to follow.

Wet weather venue is the Harrisville School of Arts.