Team Somerset farewells Lehmann

Mayor Graeme Lehmann plans to spend more time with his family. Pictured with his wife Judy and daughters (L-R) Angela Harders, Jessica Joseph and Rebecca Wilson, with little Charlotte. Pictures: Jacob Hayden

With almost 70 years of service to local government combined, Mayor Graeme Lehmann and Councillor Cheryl Gaedtke bid farewell to Somerset Regional Council last week.

Councillors and CEO Andrew Johnson congratulated the two outgoing councillors in the ordinary meeting on Wednesday 13 March, followed by a surprise morning tea in honour of the Mayor.

Mr Johnson said Cr Lehmann was instrumental in driving progress, fostering unity, and enhancing the quality of life for Somerset residents.

“He has weathered many storms while serving the last twenty years as Mayor and previously ten years of service as a councillor for the former Esk Shire Council,” Mr Johnson said.

“Mayor Lehmann’s leadership style has been characterised by vision, compassion, and a tireless commitment to service.”

Cr Lehmann said he was proud of his achievements, including the growth and construction of many art galleries, sporting fields, swimming pools, roads, bridges, and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

He had a few words of advice for the new council.

“Don’t try and be someone you’re not, keep your feet on the ground and I’m sure Somerset will be in good hands for the future,” Cr Lehmann said.

“Preserving our rural lifestyle is one of the things that I think is very, very important, and I hope our council will never, never lose sight of our rural lifestyle.”

Cr Lehmann said he looked forward to travelling the country with his wife, Judy.

“I look forward to a spot of fishing, lots more music and travel and most importantly more time with my wonderful family,” he said.

“I’d like to wish team Somerset all the best into the future and as I travel Australia I will always promote ‘Gods Own Country’ and be proud to call Somerset home.”

Mr Johnson said Cr Gaedtke’s 39 years service as a staff member and councillor ‘illustrated the essence of public service’.

“Her tenure has been characterised by a commitment to enhancing the lives of residents and driving meaningful progress within Somerset Regional Council and the former Kilcoy Shire Council,” Mr Johnsons aid.

“We wish her a retirement filled with joy, longevity, and the opportunity to pursue her passions and dreams.”