Postal votes to decide councils

The race for a position as councillor for both the Lockyer Valley and Somerset drew to a tight finish, with postal votes set to decide the region's leaders.. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Postal votes will be the deciding factor in both Lockyer Valley and Somerset council elections, with a tight race for 6th position on both councils.

The regions will learn of their new councillors this week, with about 85 per cent of votes counted as of Sunday 24 March.

Candidates are set to be declared on Tuesday 26 March.

Tiara Hurley leads the race in Somerset, on 11.23 per cent, followed by incumbent Deputy Mayor Helen Brieschke at 10.37 per cent and Sally Jess on 10.3 per cent.

Closing out the top five are Brett Freese (8.96 per cent) and incumbent Kylee Isidro (7.92 per cent).

The sixth position is up for grabs with Michael Bishop and incumbent Bob Whalley on 7.47 and 7.23 per cent, respectively.

Two term councillor Chris Wilson leads in the Lockyer Valley (11.52 per cent) from brother Anthony Wilson on 9.7 per cent and Cheryl Steinhardt on 9.41 per cent.

Farmer David Neuendorf sits on 8.81 per cent and incumbent Michael Hagen 8.34 per cent.

Julie Reck and former Somerset region chief executive officer Chris Payne are in the race to snatch the sixth spot with 7.93 and 7.88 per cent, respectively.

The Lockyer Valley Mayor, Tanya Milligan, on 44.6 per cent of votes, was still awaiting the outcome of preferences and postal vote counting on Sunday 24 March.

In Ipswich City Council Division 4 only 45.77 per cent of votes had been counted, with former Ipswich West MP Jim Madden in the lead on 31.86 per cent, followed by David Cullen on 25.86 per cent.