Looking for Lions history

Laidley Lions Club is 50 this year and they hope to find more information on the club’s history. Current members are (back row) Craig Robinson, Len Henry, Leanne Robinson, Bill Ross, Garry Law, (front row) Sandra Law, Margaret Fisher, Meg Jackwitz, and Lorraine Cole. Picture: GRACE CRICHTON

This year the Laidley Lions Club celebrates half a century, and they are looking for community input to fill some of the gaps in their history.

The club is 50 years old and members are seeking any records, honour boards, photos, or other club history, potentially stored away in homes.

Club secretary Leanne Robinson said their records were limited.

“Even if they said ‘grandpa used to be in Lions club’, what was his name, we can write his name down,” she said.

“We don’t have any records…. only maybe the last ten years.”

The club is planning a dinner in October to celebrate the milestone.

They are working through their trove of photos in preparation for them to be displayed on the night.

Any information on past members’ names or club related artefacts would be welcome.

The Lions Club raises money through activities like sausage sizzles and Christmas cake sales.

They donate the money several causes, including cancer and other illness research, and local initiatives like the Laidley Community Centre and local schools.

Anyone with information on the Laidley Lions Club can contact them at laidley@lionsq3.org.au