Understanding double demerits over Easter

Get to know Queensland's double demerit point system before hitting the road this Easter weekend. Picture: QPS

Unlike in other states, double demerit points do not strictly apply to holiday periods for Queensland drivers.

Sunshine State motorists can expect double demerits if they commit a specific offence twice within the same 12 months, regardless of the holiday time frame.

Lockyer Valley Satellite Office Sergeant shift supervisor Ray van den Bosch said the double demerit rules applied to five types of offences.

“Some offences are classed as a double demerit offence,” he said.

“So, if you get caught doing 20 over the limit and then a month later get caught using your mobile phone, that mobile phone ticket will result in double demerit points.”

The ‘fatal five’ offences are:

Speeding more than 20km/h over the speed limit; mobile phone use; seatbelt offences; failing to restrain passengers under 16; motorcycle helmet offences.

Sergeant Bosch said drivers were prioritising convenience over road safety.

“I think what drives people with their choice making in cars is what’s convenient to them and what’s inconvenient,” he said.

“You only have to look at examples of where people choose to stop and park their vehicles, on our highways, we have a lot of areas that are signed as non-stopping zones, and generally, people won’t stop there unless it’s a matter of convenience.”

Sergeant Bosch encouraged drivers to be attentive to road signage. He said many drivers may not know that learners and P1 provisional drivers under 25 can’t use hands-free or wireless headsets or a mobile phone on a loudspeaker.

“Passengers in a car driven by a P1 or learner driver are also banned from using a mobile phone’s loudspeaker function,” he said.

Sergeant Bosch applauded the decision-making of drivers in the Lockyer region.

“Recently the highway patrol has been conducting a lot of roadside breath tests around events in the Lockyer Valley in which groups of people that were intoxicated had an assigned designated driver with them, which was very pleasing,” he said.

“I urge drivers to take care during this holiday period.

“Nearly all crashes are completely preventable, that’s the sad fact.”

For more information on Queensland’s road rules visit: tmr.qld.gov.au