Check for hidden leaks

Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull is encouraging residents to check their water meter for hidden leaks. Picture: URBAN UTILITIES

Urban Utilities is encouraging Lockyer Valley and Somerset residents to check their water meter to ensure they don’t have a concealed leak, following a summer of wild weather.

Pipe breaks or leaks can be caused by ground movement due to extreme weather events, rainfall and changes in temperature.

Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull said given the number of significant rain events in recent months, it was a good time for residents to check for a concealed leak.

“A concealed leak is an underground water leak in the pipework at your property that has little or no visible signs on the surface,” she said.

“These leaks are hidden from the eye, such as within concrete, and under lawns and


“If they go undetected for long periods, concealed leaks can waste thousands of litres of water and can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

Ms Cull said it was important for customers to monitor their water use to ensure leaks were identified as soon as possible.

“There is an easy DIY meter test homeowners can do to help detect hidden underground leaks,” she said.

“Simply take a meter reading, turn off all your taps and don’t use any water inside or outside your home for an hour, then take another meter reading.

“If the dials on the meter have moved, you could have a concealed leak and should contact a licensed plumber.”

Residents are also encouraged to regularly check for signs of visible leaks – a dripping toilet cistern can waste 60,000 litres of water, and cost around $250 per year.

Urban Utilities has a Concealed Leak Policy to provide assistance to eligible customers impacted by the unexpected cost of a concealed leak.

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