Firefighters increase across South East Queensland

An increase of firefighter recruits will be deployed to permanent fire stations across South East Queensland. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Several stations across South East Queensland will experience an increase in firefighters following the Queensland Government’s commitment to deliver an additional 500 frontline firefighters state-wide over six years from the 2020-2021 financial year.

The latest round of 16 recruits who graduated on 22 March will be deployed to permanent fire stations across South East Queensland, which may include Gatton Fire Station in the Lockyer and Brassall Fire Station in Ipswich West.

The ceremony was the third of fifteen graduating ceremonies to take place in 2024 with more than 200 new firefighter recruits expected to graduate this year.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Acting Commissioner Steve Smith said the latest recruits completed specialised training units, such as live fire behaviour training, bushfire, road crash rescue, technical rescue, and hazardous materials management training.

“The training completed by the recruits ensured they will hit the ground running to help make a real difference in communities,” he said.

“The recruit training course is designed to reflect the broad range of services firefighters provide and recreates real life situations to give them a solid foundation of practical skills and experiences.

“QFES and the FRS has a proud history of working with the people of Queensland, and these recruits will continue to provide the vital fire and emergency services our state needs.

“The dedication and hard work shown by these recruits through the course reflects our values of respect, integrity, courage, loyalty and trust.”