Dedicated teacher aide reaches 30 years

Bev Sutton celebrated 30 years as a teacher aide at Ma Ma Creek State School, pictured with principal Nathan de Mey. Pictures: GRACE CRICHTON

Beverley Sutton thought she was marking the end of the school term with a cup of tea in the staff room.

What greeted her at Ma Ma Creek State School was a surprise party to celebrate her 30 years as a teacher aide on 22 March.

Mrs Sutton was greeted by past principals, staff, former students, friends, family, and community members, who all came to the school to celebrate this milestone with her.

She applied for a teacher aide position at Ma Ma Creek State School in 1993 and, apart from a brief stint at Mt Sylvia State School, has remained at the small school for three decades.

Mrs Sutton said the party was a ‘marvellous’ surprise.

“It’s just heartwarming,” she said.

“I look at all the past students, dotted everywhere here, and it’s just lovely to see you all.”

Much has changed in Mrs Sutton’s time at the school.

She has seen renovations and refits, new buildings and improvements, plus the leaps in computer technological of the last 30 years.

“There’s just so much that’s happened in my time of being here,” she said.

“In thirty years, we’ve gone from chalkboards to interactive electronic boards.

“To think I was actually an office girl as well at the start.

“I did some admin work, typing up things on an electric typewriter.

“There were all those changes that have happened in the 30 years.”

One thing which never changed was her pride in seeing her students go on to achieve great things.

“Everyone’s achieved and done well,” she said.

“To think that I was part of their journey… that’s the most important part of me being a teacher aide.”

Ma Ma Creek State School principal Nathan de Mey said Mrs Sutton was a dedicated teacher aide who went ‘above and beyond’.

“Bev’s really shown a level of dedication to the role,” he said.

“From what I see, it’s not just a job for Bev.

“She’s well and truly invested in the children.

“The work that she does ensures the best learning outcomes for children that are in her charge.

“I have definitely seen that and witness that firsthand.”