Best in Show

(Right) 2-year Feenix - owned by Marsh and McLean, Best in Group 6. (Left) 4-month-old Zuri - Baby Puppy in Group 6 owned by I and D McLean. Robyn Andrews (Zuri's breeder), Deb McLean, Judge Mrs V Schneider and Melanie Ward - Feenix's handler. Picture: MADDISON RICHARDS

It was Best in Show for a Lowood kennel at the Championship Dog Show at the Goomeri Show before Easter.

Deborah McLean and her Rottweilers from Ebonhaus Rottweilers, came away with some wonderful results.

Deborah, or Deb, has acreage and a kennel license in Lowood, and comes to Goomeri Show to show her pedigree bred Rottweilers.

Deb entered four dogs into the Show, with all four bringing home ribbons.

Feenix, expertly handled by Melanie Ward, was awarded Dog Challenge, Best of Breed, Best in Group 1st and State Bred in Group.

Georgee, handled by Melanie’s daughter Arabella, was awarded Bitch Challenge, Puppy of Breed, and Runner-up Best of Breed.

Zuri was awarded First in Baby Puppy Bitch, Baby of Breed, Baby in Group and her sisters Winnee, taking second in the class and Zeeta, was awarded third in the Baby Puppy bitch class.

Deb and her husband bought their first Rottweiler in 1985 and started showing in 1986.

“My husband always wanted a Rottweiler, so we bought a female, and we called her Ebony,” Deb said.

“She was from a backyard breeder and was not a very good example of the breed.”

Deb and her husband showed Ebony for a year, in this time winning no competitions.

In 1987, the two bought a well-bred male dog from South Australia after looking for a while and went on to win lots of prizes.

“We were hooked and have been showing ever since,” Deb said.

Deb and her husband bred their first litter under the Ebonhaus prefix in 1989.

“The Rottweiler is an exceptional breed of dog,” Deb said.

“Good looking, smart, loving, loyal, versatile and protective.”

“When I go to weekend shows in my motorhome, my girl Fayme travels with me, laying between the two front seats, harnessed and seat belted, of course.

“She has an exceptional temperament – loves people and dogs. I feel very safe with her guarding me.”

Deb explains what a perfect standard for a Rottweiler is.

“There is a breed standard that describes the ultimate Rottweiler and what the judge would be looking for. Medium to large, compact, powerful dog which gives the impression of great strength, agility and endurance.

“It should be good-natured, placid, devoted, obedient, fearless and eager to work. It should have great alertness, but at the same time even tempered.

“I get very upset when people have the wrong impression of the breed.

“People get an impression from negative stories in the media, and in most circumstances the dogs are backyard bred or black and tan crossbred dogs that are labeled as Rottweilers.

“Breeders who show and breed registered, pedigree Rottweilers put a lot of time and money into planning litters to get better examples of the breed.

“Temperament is of utmost importance.”

Deb, as a Rottweiler Specialist Judge, hopes to judge some specialties in 2024 and onwards and in the breeding, program hopes to introduce some international bloodlines into the future litters.

“I have always liked the Goomeri Show,” Deb said.

“I generally come each year as they pick good judges, and it always has a lovely country atmosphere.

“Goomeri is where I meet up with our dog partner Robyn Andrews from Hervey Bay, as it’s about halfway for each of us.

“I stress the point to anyone considering buying a Rottweiler, to go to a Dogs Australia registered breeder who does hip and elbow scoring, eye and mouth certification, tests for JLPP and LEMP.

“Always view the parents and make sure they are friendly.

“Rottweilers must be part of your family and given the time and attention necessary.

“I hope that with some positive media stories we can help change some people’s ideas of our breed in the community.”