Decades in real estate recognised

Rhonda McLucas has awarded REIQ fellowship in February. Pictures: GRACE CRICHTON

In recognition of more than three decades in business, Gatton Real Estate’s Rhonda McLucas was admitted as a Fellow Member to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland on 2 February.

The REIQ grants fellow membership to practicing member of at least 15 years.

With 32 years in the industry under her belt, Mrs McLucas was thrilled to receive the acknowledgement from the state’s peak body for the real estate industry.

“It is a lovely thrill to get acknowledgment for the work that you do,” she said.

She started her career with Gatton Real Estate in 1992, joining the business her father cofounded in 1984.

It was never just a job.

“I’ve always loved real estate, it was my calling,” she said.

Helping people find their first home has always been the best part of her work.

“It’s always the first home buyers that I really love dealing with because it’s the start of their financial future,” she said.

“It’s such a big step and they’re nervous, and they want you to hold their hand and that’s fine, I’m happy to be their mum when that’s happening.

“Being the person who helps them get into their first home is lovely.”

She is also passionate about training and developing her staff, some progressing from front desk, to property management, to sales.

“It’s good to see that transformation,” she said.

Her philosophy is to keep service at the heart of the business.

“We’re a service business,” she said.

“And I think a lot of big businesses now, look at the banks closing, I don’t think they have remembered that their grass roots are the people that they are supposed to service.

“I don’t want to ever lose that sight of being a service business.

“We’re there to help people.

“Don’t worry about yourself, if you’re doing the right thing by your clients, you will do well.”

One of the highlights of Mrs McLucas’ career was welcoming her daughter, Allison Vickier, into the firm in 2005.

Although Mrs Vickier is now the principle, Mrs McLucas is still engaged in the family business.

“Allison has taken over the running of the business, she’s now the principle,” she said.

“I help out where I can with her and do open houses on weekends so she can have time with her kids and [their] dad.”