Hagans charting a resilient path forward

Lockyer Valley Regional Councillor Michael Hagan will be entering his third term as a Lockyer Valley councillor in 2024. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

With a strong focus on family and a commitment to shaping a brighter future for Lockyer Valley residents, councillor Michael Hagan brings extensive experience as he enters his third term on the Lockyer Valley council team.

Having moved and fallen in love with the region in 2005, Cr Hagan said he decided to settle in the Locker Valley region for the rural lifestyle and to be closer to family.

“My daughter had just got married to a dairy farmer in the Lockyer Valley so that attracted us to have a look around this area,” he said.

“I was a turf farmer for 20 years, in 2018, I decided to concentrate on council full time.

“I’ve always liked living in rural communities, we have lived in rural New South Wales, rural North Territory and rural Queensland and have always liked the country lifestyle far better.”

Cr Hagan said he ran for his first term in 2016 to forge a better future for his children, grandchildren, and the next generation who call the Lockyer Valley home.

“My kids have all got their own kids, three living in the area, three living outside the area, and 23 grandkids, 12 of whom live in the Lockyer,’ he said.

“Something I’ve always believed in is to try to leave something better than you found it.

“I want to make a difference and make sure the next generation has something to look forward to, there’s a lot of problems in the world, and there’s a lot of problems in the country, so if you can be part of trying to make it better in your local area it goes a long way.”

Cr Hagan had the portfolio of community development and community activation and environment councillor in his first two terms.

He said the ability to work with a diverse range of community groups and being involved in the disaster recovery committee given the region’s extensive flooding has been a major highlight of his council career.

“The community development portfolio allowed me to be involved in communities, including arts and culture childcare and youth groups, and help build capacity in those groups so they can function and be part of a thriving community,” he said.

“I had the chair of the disaster recovery committee for the last two terms.

“That is a great insight into, instead of just waiting for someone to come and help, giving them the tools, encouragement and education to say, you could go out and be your own disaster manager to start with, find out what you can do to make yourself resilient for next time.”