Passionate for second term

Councillor Kylee Isidro returns for her second term on council. Picture: GRACE CRICHTON

As a returning councillor, Kylee Isidro is motivated to continue her commitment to the Somerset region.

Cr Isidro was first elected in 2020 after plenty of career and life experience, including working within the Somerset Regional Council’s customer service team.

Now, she’s eager to continue working on projects she was involved with during her first term.

“I think it’s given me that drive and accelerated that passion even more, to give ten-fold again,” she said.

“My training wheels are long gone, they were gone years ago.”

Prior to her career in local government, Cr Isidro lived and worked overseas where she gained a wealth of experience.

“I have a clinical background in pharmacy,” she said.

“I did five years in the UK which was amazing for my career.

“Those five years were jam-packed full of working and travel.

“Also, I’ve lived in Africa which was a very eye-opening experience.”

The pull to come home to Somerset was always strong.

She is fifth-generation Somerset on both sides and followed her father’s path into local government.

Upon her return to Australia she secured work in the customer service team with Somerset Regional Council in 2010.

“I think that’s where I first got that passion and drive for local government,” she said.

The next year she learned just how important this role was to the workforce and the wider community.

“The 2011 floods hit and I found out how integral I can be,” she said.

Her local knowledge was an asset in her public-facing role.

“Local knowledge never leaves you,” she said.

“Born and raised in the area, it never leaves you. It just grows.”

Later, she stepped into the role of Customer Service Team Leader, which she held for five years before stepping back to care for her mother in 2019.

When the 2020 elections came around, it was time to take her operational knowledge of council to the other side of the table.

She has a few things on her mind going into her second term.

Economic development, arts and culture, and disaster preparedness are just a few of the areas she is eager to work on.

“How do we create that sustainable future, that sustainable growth which we need?” she said.

“They’re the things that are constantly on my mind.

“I’m quite an advocate for [disaster preparedness].

“It’s about keeping people safe and I think that’s where my clinical background comes in.

“You want people to be well, you want them to be safe.”