Deceased water life found at Lake Dyer

Deceased aquatic life, including the native fish Bony Bream, were discovered deceased at Lake Dyer. Picture: Sabastian Lee McNeil

Fish species were discovered dead in a caged drainage system at Lake Dyer on Saturday, 20 April.

Recent rainfall and inflows at Bill Gunn Dam caused overflow and fish to incorrectly move through the dam’s spillway, leading to the death of aquatic life, according to a Seqwater spokesperson.

Laidley local Sabastian Lee McNeil made the find during a visit to the lake with his sons.

“I took my two boys down to Lake Dyer to look around and explore over the weekend,” McNeil said.

“We were driving past the concrete drainage system, and my boys just happened to ask what’s that, Dad.

“I walked up to the drain because the odour was so bad so I was curious, and I looked over the edge and saw fish there just floating.”

A Seqwater spokesperson said the Bony Bream and Eel-Tailed Catfish species discovered had not been removed due to accessibility to the dam area deemed unsafe for its workers.

“There is no impact to water quality,” they said.

“These fish had become isolated in the dissipator box below the dam wall when the dam stopped spilling.

“The pictured fish were not removed from the dissipator box as this section is not easily accessible to Seqwater’s operations team due to safety.

“Some native fish (Bony Bream) were found alive during the inspection and relocated safely into the dam through a fish salvage operation.

“As part of ongoing operational and environmental measures, Seqwater will continue regular monitoring of the area should additional rainfall result in the dam spilling.”

In mysterious circumstances, McNeil had also come across two deceased turtles in one of the ponds at Lake Dyer during his visit.

“When we were crossing the pond to look at the pond with the turtles, we noticed that there was a turtle in front of us on the rocks with its shell cracked open,” he said.

“I took him out and noticed where its tail would be dangling off it was a clear cut from a knife of something, it was like a clean cut to the turtle like someone or something had done it.”