Raffle to raise funds for koala rescue

Care4esK's Jacqui Bate and mosaic artist Rosie O'Brien have teamed up to raise funds for koala rescue by raffling off this limited edition mosaic bowl. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

On International Wild Koala Day, an Esk wildlife group is launching a raffle to raise vital funds for their koala protection and rescue efforts.

Local mosaic artist Rosie O’Brien has donated a bespoke, limited edition bowl to Care4esK in support of their cause.

Care4esK president Darren Bate said money raised from the raffle would go toward their ongoing rescue costs, or ideally a wildlife camera.

“We’re hoping that we will put it towards our ongoing costs when we do koala rescues,” he said.

“If we get a decent amount, what we would really love to do is buy a wildlife camera.

“When the koala is trapped, it will send us a message to our phone and we’ll know to go and get that koala immediately.”

In addition to their wildlife rescues, the Care4esK members have initiated habitat surveys and wildlife studies, planted trees, and weeded sizeable areas of bush.

Ms O’Brien said she loved the work the group has done to benefit wildlife and wanted to support their efforts.

“I wanted to do something that they could use to further the work that they’re doing,” she said.

“They’re really concerned for the wildlife.

“I love the clean up work they’ve done with the weeds, I love the plantings, I like their positive attitude about building a sustainable future for our wildlife and our people.”

The mosaic bowl one lucky winner will take home, named ‘Eucalyptus Koala’, depicts a koala in profile in striking eucalyptus colours.

It can be used decoratively or as an outdoor water bowl for birds, insects, and wildlife.

The piece is valued at $325.

Tickets are three for $5 and are on sale from 3 May at Rudi’s Place in Esk, with other locations to be determined.

“We thought that was a fitting time to do the launch and then we would run it for a couple months and draw the winner at our information day which is in July,” Mr Bate said.