Hair today, gone tomorrow

Kendra-Lee Loveday is shaving her head and donating her hair at the Marburg Show to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

This Marburg Show, bring some change to support Kendra-Lee Loveday as she participates in the World’s Greatest Shave.

The Tallegalla teen is lopping her locks to raise awareness and funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and donating her hair.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have first-hand experience with cancer, but she understands the impact both the disease and hair loss has on many people.

Cutting and donating her hair is one way she can help.

“I’d like to cut it off and donate it for them,” she said.

“It’s down to my elbows.”

Kendra-Lee’s mother, Tarnya, said it was the second time her daughter went under the clippers.

“The first time she did it was when she was 10 years old,” Tarnya said.

“She heard about the foundation on the radio and she turned around and said to me ‘I’m going to do it’.”

Five years later, her hair is long enough to donate again and the family are taking the opportunity to raise awareness at the Marburg Show.

“If she’s going to do it, she might as well do it as public as possible,” Tarnya said.

“That way there’s the ability to raise more awareness and raise more funds.

“She’ll be at the show with her tin for people to make donations first.”

Already halfway to her $2,000 fundraising goal, Kendra-Lee thanked all her donors and she is optimistic she can meet and exceed this target.

“It’s all about spreading awareness and raising funds for Leukaemia, it’s not about being in the limelight herself,” Tarnya said.

“Kendra-Lee is actually quite a shy person.”

The only thing the determined 15-year-old is nervous about is heading into winter with a shaved head.

Visit Kendra-Lee at the Marburg Show and donate or visit her fundraising page at