Laidley students go wild

Laidley State High School students helped each other pass under an obstacle. Pictures: KOKODA YOUTH FOUNDATION

Students from the Laidley State High School group participating in the Kokoda Youth Foundation On The Right Track (OTRT) program took on a three-day Wilderness Camp from 30 April to 2 May at the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s Lake Maroon outdoor education facility, Camp Kokoda.

The camp involved wilderness camping where students sourced firewood, cooked meals, and cleaned up.

They undertook physical challenges like the giant swing and abseiling.

On their last day students took part in an obstacle course and then held a barbeque.

OTRT program coordinator for Laidley SHS Stephanie Brescia said there was good development at the camp.

“At the end of it, reflecting on it, we had better cohesion,” Ms Brescia said.

“We had to go through a lot of trial and error to get everybody through the obstacles along the courses and support them through some of the activities, but I could feel they’re really coming together.

Ms Brescia said new relationships formed within the group over the three days.

“The kids are definitely developing communication skills – we’re working on that” she said.

The camp is designed to accelerate the group’s growth as a team, and to contribute to the growth of resilience and confidence in the participants, through tackling the physical challenges with the support of their peers and the program leaders.