Way to keep those door knockers away

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading are encouraging residents not wishing to be disturbed by the door to door salesmen to purchase their do-not-knock sticker. Picture: UNSPLASH

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading has released do-not-knock’ stickers for residents not wishing to by disturbed by the door to door salesmen.

Under Australia Consumer Law, door-to-door sellers must not approach any residence displaying the do-not-knock notice, excluding knockers part of a charity, religious organisation or political party.

Lowood Police Station Officer in Charge James Bromley encouraged residents to remain vigilant against potential scam knockers looking to gain entry to people’s properties.

“Scam stories of door knockers have been used for a number of years,” he said.

“They lull victims into a false sense of security because the offender is telling a genuine story or appears to be offering a genuine service.

“However, once entry into the home is gained, they seek any means to steal personal possessions.

“Police encourage you to deny unknown persons entry to your house under all circumstances.”

Tarampa local Kay Paul said she had personally experienced deceitful door salesmen and said they appeared to be targeting the elderly. 

“They came to the house and they wouldn’t leave and kept going on and on at me,” she said.

“They told me they would bitumen my driveway, and it would only cost a small amount. 

“When they come to elderly people’s houses and knock on the door, elderly people won’t slam the door in their face and won’t tell them to go away because, to them, that’s rude.”

Three stickers have been produced which come together in a single pack.  These stickers include:

A ‘salespeople do not knock’ sticker to affix to the door.

A similarly designed sticker to affix visibly at or near the primary access point to the property.

A ‘remember your rights’ sticker to affix to the inside of the door to assist consumers in remembering their rights if a salesperson ignores these stickers.

Legitimate door-to-door salespeople also have to follow certain rules, and cannot:

Visit on a Sunday or Public holiday.

Visit before 9am or after 6pm weekdays.

Visit before 9am or after 5pm Saturdays.

Take money on the spot (they must wait 10 business days before receiving payment)

For further information or to order a sticker visit the Office of Fair Trading website.