Hurley will be hands on

Councillor Tiara Hurley wants to add a personal touch in her service to the Somerset community. Picture: CR HURLEY

Councillor Tiara Hurley wants to bring a ‘personal touch’ to her role as a member of Somerset Regional Council (SRC).

Cr Hurley secured the position in council with a convincing lead of 11.23 per cent of total votes across the region.

“I was very, very ecstatic with the support I received from Somerset, but I do think my wonderful family played a big part of that,” she said.

“I had family friends at every single polling booth in the region and they were 100% supportive of me through the whole campaign.”

Cr Hurley has an interesting career background..

“I used to work with my father in earthmoving and construction, he owned a demolition business on Brisbane’s north side, and then I did a little bit of time up in Mt Isa in the mines, and then I worked in house removal for a little while as well, she said.

“I met my husband, Scott, and he was from Toogoolawah.

“I moved out here in 2014 and at the time I didn’t really know where Toogoolawah was.”

She joined SRC’s tourism team working in Esk and Fernvale, and then the customer service team in council and its libraries.

“That led in to my executive assistant role which I was in for approximately six years,” she said.

“It’s been a great experience for me, working for council, I really loved it.

“It did allow me to see the inside view as well, and seeing how council interacts with the public I do think we have a few improvements that we need to do within the customer service aspect of council.”

It was family which brought Cr Hurley to Somerset, and it was family that made her want to run for council.

“I have two young children, William is five and Rylee is two-and-a-half, and they’re going to grow up here,” she said.

“I want to be involved in shaping the region where they’re going to grow up.”

Cr Hurley said she wanted to take a hands-on approach to council operations.

“I want to be that voice for people who want to bring something to council,” she said.

Cr Hurley’s priorities included seeking improvements to the Brisbane Valley Highway, improving communication and public reception of SRC, and protecting the region’s primary producers and businesses.

“By prioritising these areas, I hope to achieve a more streamlined and effective system that meets the needs of our community.

“We need to ensure that we look after our primary producers, our businesses and production that are the backbone of our region and make sure we can keep them in our region and keep improving their access to roads and facilities,” she said.