Openness and proactive leadership

Longtime Murphys Creek resident Julie Reck is prioritising transparency and effective communication to achieve positive outcomes as she begins her first term on the Lockyer Valley Regional Council. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Entering her first term on the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Julie Reck champions transparency and robust communication as qualities that will strengthen the council’s relationship with the Lockyer community. 

A 30-year resident of Murphys Creek, Cr Reck said Lockyer Valley councillor Janice Holstein’s retirement was a major catalyst for her interest in running to ensure the western region of the Valley still had a voice.

“Janice was a councillor for 24 years and was Murphys Creek regional representative back in the day,” she said.

“I said, Janice, you can’t do this.

“You’re our area, our history, and she said, ‘Julie, so are you’, encouraging me to put my money where my mouth is and run.” 

The longtime local said she aims to be transparent when communicating the realities of each assignment she takes on as a councillor.

“I won’t promise the community anything except I will listen to what you have to say and then try to take it further,” she said.

“All through the campaign, I said contact your local councillor directly,”

“That’s what we’re here for, ring us.

“I just want people to know that we care, if there’s a problem let’s just nip it in the bud, or work out what we can and can’t do but communicate the progress at every step.”

Cr Reck was a paralegal for 20 years and the longtime secretary of the Murphys Creek Progress Association before retiring to take on a full time gig as a councillor.

Cr Reck said her role with the progress association gave her insight into how to adequately deal with community issues. 

“When I was part of the progress association, we would take community issues to the council as an entity as opposed to individual complaints,” she said.

“During the 2011 floods, I was in constant communication with the council about the best ways to move forward for the community.

“Because we were off grid, we had our own power so I was the one taking calls at the time to make sure everything got put back on.”

Cr Reck said she’s excited to improve the region’s waste management with her councillor portfolio, which includes waste, tourism, events, and library management. 

“I think there needs to be more education on waste management,” she said

“A problem I did raise was vapes, where do you put them?

“They’ve got a lithium battery in them, and I know in New South Wales they’ve had a lot of trouble with rubbish trucks catching on fire so they shouldn’t be in general waste.”