Lowood group sewing with a cause

Somerset Community Sewing Group secretary Kay Paul with members Sue Windred and Jane Lawson on 7 May sewing hearts for new mothers at the Ipswich Hospital. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Members of the Lowood District Residence Network are urging creative individuals to join their efforts in sewing for various local organisations in need with the introduction of a new sewing group.

Held weekly on Tuesdays from 9 a.m to 2 p.m, the Somerset Community Sewing Group aims to provide various materials for daycares, kindergartens, aged cars, hospitals, and schools. 

Somerset Community Sewing Group secretary Kay Paul said the group would provide an enjoyable social outlet for locals interested in knitting, sewing and crocheting for a great cause.

“It gives people an enjoyable hobby to engage in, and it helps people make friends,” she said. 

“We’re currently making cuddle hearts to go into the Ipswich hospital to comfort new mums with babies.”

“We are going to introduce making clothing for disadvantaged children, from tracksuits to pyjamas and t-shirts.”

Mrs Paul said donated materials are essential for the group to function and encouraged people of all ages to join.

“All materials have been donated by local community groups and community members,” she said.

“Machines and overlockers were donated by Boomerang Bags in Esk.

“We’re mostly made up of retirees, but we do have young people come in as well.

[Knitting, sewing and crocheting] are dying art forms.

 “If we can teach young people, they can carry it on.” 

The group’s meetings are at the Brisbane Valley Darts Club in Lowood, with a $5 joining fee and $3 for each visit.