Firies light up in Fernvale

Lowood Scouts Lilly and Kaylee testing the hose’s firepower with Prenzlau Rural Fire Brigade second officer Chris Tobin. Pictures: JACOB HAYDEN

Fernvale Sports Park flashed red and blue on Tuesday night, but this time for good reason.

Emergency service groups came together to showcase their response capabilities on 14 May thanks to the Somerset PCYC Emergency Services Cadets through the Lowood State Emergency Service and in consultation with Fiona Rose from Durack Fire Station.

Lowood SES group leader and Cadets adult leader Daniel Giddins said the event initially began as a training exercise for the Emergency Services Cadets.

“We try to give them experience in all emergency services, and we wanted them to see a very unique appliance that we don’t have access to in the southeast region,” Mr Giddins said.

“The two trucks that came from Durack are Brisbane region trucks, including the 518 India is a telescopic aerial platform specialised appliance.

“It was an honour to have them, because they’re still on call so at any stage they could have been called away.”

In addition to experience for the cadets, the general public was invited to meet and greet the local emergency services in Lowood and Fernvale.

Fernvale Rural Fire Brigade first officer Kevin McInnes said local organisations like his were glad to be part of the event.

“Not just to show the community some stuff that they’ve never seen, but to show that the red trucks and the yellow trucks work together and the capabilities of the equipment we’ve got,” Mr McInnes said.

Durack Fire Station B shift station officer Fiona Rose is a Fernvale local and was ecstatic to be part of the showcase.

“It was always a bit of a dream of mine to bring a little bit of Brisbane region out to the rural environment where the community can get immersed in the capabilities of the service,” she said.

The night was a big pull for young families.

Mr Giddins and Mr McInnes said they hoped more locals would consider signing up to the Somerset PCYC Emergency Services Cadets and to the Fernvale RFB.

The Cadets train on Tuesday nights from 6 to 8pm at 17 Lindemans Road, Lowood, and the Fernvale RFB train on Wednesday nights from 6pm next to Fernwood Nursery on the Brisbane Valley Highway.