Toog band takes the gold

The Toogoolawah State High School Concert Band won gold at the Fanfare competition at Centenary Heights State High School on Thursday, 16 May. Picture: TSHS

Toogoolawah students are playing all the right notes.

The high school’s concert band travelled to Centenary Heights State High School on Thursday, 16 May to compete in the state band festival, Fanfare.

Toogoolawah SHS instrumental music teacher Adam Smith said the students performed and represented their town well.

“We did three songs, ‘Stanley River Overture’, another song called ‘Mango Tango’ and then we did ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’,” Mr Smith said.

“We are marked against an achievement standard based on how we perform.

“You can get platinum for a standout performance, or gold, silver or bronze, and we got gold.”

Mr Smith said he was delighted with the result, especially with so many younger students.

“The kids have been working so hard, a lot of sacrifices for them, making sure they turn up to rehearsals all the time and getting their notes right,” he said.

“I’m very impressed with them, considering there’s a lot of year 7s and 8s in that band.

“There were a few challenging notes in there, but even the 7s and 8s did very well.”

The TSHS concert band have benefitted from an ongoing collaboration with Lockyer District High School and Laidley State High School.

“The teamwork’s really gone through the roof,” Mr Smith said.

“Sure, there’s a bit of friendly competition, but we always come and perform music together and it sounds great.”

Mr Smith had praise for each section.

“I was very proud of our percussion section, our drummers are very independent workers and made sure all the parts are covered, and they were very powerful,” he said.

“I will shout out for our tuba player, very powerful work along with all our bass end.

“The trumpets were a well-balanced sound.

“The flutes cut through and they made a lovely warm sound in the lyrical sections.

“Same with the clarinets, a gorgeous, warm sound from the clarinets in the lyrical section as well.”