Lantana under the pump

Lantana is now on LVRC’s Herbicide Subsidy Scheme. Picture: LVRC

Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Herbicide Subsidy Scheme has introduced a new addition to its lineup, with Lantana now on the list of invasive weeds now eligible for herbicide subsidy.

LVRC Environment and Pest Management Portfolio Councillor Cheryl Steinhardt said the invasive weed has the potential to severely impact agriculture in the region.

“This will mean treatment for Lantana is now far more affordable, which is great news for our local landholders,” Cr Steinhardt said.

“Under the program, eligible landowners can receive a 50 per cent subsidy off the cost of herbicide to treat and prevent this invasive restricted matter.

“Invasive weed infestation results in not only economic but also environmental impacts, which can result in the loss of productive horticultural and pastoral land.”

In addition to Lantana, weeds covered under the Herbicide Subsidy Scheme also include: African boxthorn, annual ragweed, balloon vine, cats claw creeper, fireweed, giant rat’s tail grass, groundsel bush, Harrisia cactus, Madeira Vine, mother-of-millions, parthenium, Salvinia, water lettuce and water hyacinth.

Landholders can apply for up to $750 subsidy per year.

Those interested in accessing the Herbicide Subsidy Scheme are encouraged to contact council’s Pest Management officers for assistance.

To access herbicide at a 50 per cent subsidised rate, a Pest Management officer must complete a Property Pest Management Plan with the landholder.

For more information, contact LVRC’s Pest Management Officers on 1300 005 872.