Koala ‘care’ tree planting Esk

Care4Esk environmental advisor Murray Oke helped plant 100 Eucalyptus with the team on 25 May at the Sandy Creek corridor in Esk. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

The Care4esK team were out bedding Eucalyptus plants along the Sandy Creek corridor on Creek Street Esk on 25 May in a restoration effort to restore Koalas’ future food sources in the region.

The tree-planting event is one of three the conservation group will hold in 2024.

In collaboration with Detection Dogs for Conservation, the group will collect survey data across Mount Glen Rock and various sites in Somerset to better grasp koala health, habitats, and populations.

Care4esK president Darren Bate said the group added 100 Eucalyptus during Saturday’s planting, including tallow woods and blue gums to suit the Sandy Creek corridor’s vegetation landscape.

“We planted 80% blue gums here, and then we’ve thrown in a few tallow woods,” he said.

“The Detection Dogs for Conservation team we work with has detected some of their highest densities in Somerset region up around Jimna.

“We did a survey a few weeks ago in Esk National Park, which was quite low, but it’s all based on vegetation.

“Up in Esk National Park, there’s a different type of eucalypt, so the vegetation isn’t as suitable.

Mr Bate said that the Eucalyptus the team plants today provides a food base for koalas within 10-15 years of planting, and will continue to do so for the tree’s lifetime.

“We’re doing an infill and providing more koala food,” he said.

“A koala can use it for food, and they can eat those leaves once they grow big enough for them to climb.”

Care4esK will host a Community Wildlife Information Day on 20 July at the Anglican Church Hall, 85 Ipswich Street.