Support those who save lives

The committee holds its major fundraiser at the Gatton Christmas carnival each year. Picture: GATTON LOCAL AMBULANCE COMMITTEE

The Gatton Local Ambulance Committee (GLAC) is urgently searching for fresh faces and the next wave of members to contribute to the group’s vital operations in supporting hardworking ambulance staff.

Since 1992, the committee has played an integral role in supporting the Queensland Ambulance Service in Gatton through fundraisers, providing life-saving equipment, and providing higher education opportunities to ambulance workers. 

GLAC president Aubrey Kilah said the current committee is down to three members, and with health issues and age taking their toll, without an injection of new members, the committee will have to cut operation.

“We’ve had to realise as a committee we’re becoming temporary people with our age, it’s time to pass the baton down to the younger generation to keep it going,” he said.

“What initially stemmed us to start a committee was the ambulance superintendent told me it took four hours to get an ambulance to a patient in a dire situation. 

“I went back to the station, and the superintendent told me that morale was so low, and we’ve got barely any staff, and I suggested we should start a new ambulance committee to help support.”

GLAC treasurer Darryl Ready said the committee provides essential services and equipment to the ambulance brigade, which they may not receive otherwise. 

“What we do do is supply a lot of equipment that the government doesn’t supply for the ambos,” he said. 

“We provide things like raptor shears and first aid mannequins for their training.

“We aid for the courses for paramedics to do external training for advanced courses like in drug management, they would have to pay that out themselves if they want to advance themselves.

“It’s aiding people that are helping save lives and it’s a great feeling.”

The committee holds its mayor ham wheel fundraiser at the Gatton Christmas carnival, and has raised over $200,000 in 33 years of operation for the Gatton Ambulance service.

The group holds its AGM at 7pm on 20 August at the Gatton Ambulance Station, welcoming any community members interested to head along.