Leg day for Kokoda kids

Lowood State High School students pictured before they took on the 30km Kokoda Challenge on Saturday, 1 June. Picture: LOWOOD SHS

Laidley, Lowood and Rosewood students took on the Brisbane Kokoda Challenge at Brookfield on Saturday, 1 June.

Eleven Lowood State High School students walked the 30km track over huge hills, toughing it out through mud and rain.

Meanwhile, Laidley and Rosewood students participating in Kokoda Youth Foundation’s On The Right Track Program participated in the 18km trek.

OTRT project manager Keith Debnam said the event was part of the program’s progressive training, allowing the students to push their limits and preparing them for the 48km challenge in July.

“The participants can look forward to a sand hike next week along the Gold Coast beaches, a night hike in the Nerang Forest for 24kms and finally the Army Land day, the Australian Army opens up their training areas for Kokoda Challenge participants to experience the walk on commonwealth ground, otherwise inaccessible,” Mr Debnam said.

Lowood SHS youth support coordinator Karen Kitching said the 30km course was tough but the students smashed it.

“Your spirits lifted those around you and then there were times when you actually held the hands of others showing that the spirit of Kokoda is alive and displayed by our young people,” she said.

“Heads held high folks, feeling super proud.”

Ms Kitching said the students’ ethos was ‘we are not in this to win this as we are here in the spirit of Kokoda’ The goal was to honour those brave young soldiers by instilling the Kokoda values in our students.

“Lowood State High School students are well known in these events to be very supportive and encouraging not only of their teammates but all event participants,” she said.

“Our motto is, Lowood we are only as fast as our slowest walker.”

Lowood SHS students also learnt about the history of Kokoda and raised funds to support other young people.