Sisters in Arms

Stella and Dawn shared in a dual wedding on the 20th of October 1956. Pictured: Trevor Murry, Stella, Dawn, Dick Marsh. Picture: MURRY FAMILY

Cherished Lockyer Valley sisters Myrtle Dawn Logan, known to all as Dawn, and Estelle Mary Murry, affectionately know as Stella, shared an unbreakable and cherished bond, lovingly described as ‘stickers’, from their first day at school.

Throughout their years in Gatton, the sisters forged countless memories together, collaborating in managing Gatton Private Hospital during the 1950s, volunteering for Meals on Wheels, sharing a double wedding in 1956, and being cherished members of the Gatton Uniting Church guild.

The two sisters passed away ten days apart on the 8th (Dawn), and 18th (Stella) of May, with Dawn, aged 94, and Stella, aged 91, both holding funerals surrounded by their loved ones at Gatton Uniting Church.

Dawn Marsh’s daughter Sharyn Flugge said the pair were inseparable from day dot and described them as compassionate, community-oriented souls.

“Mum went to Gatton High School and always wanted to be a nurse, as did her sister Stella,” she said.

When Mum finished school at age 15, she waited for Stella to complete her junior year of schooling.

“In 1950, Mum and Stella then headed off to Brisbane together to commence their nursing training at the Royal Brisbane Womens’ Hospital.

“The day they started they vowed to go back to Gatton to care for the sick in their hometown.

“When Mum and Aunty Stella finished their midwifery 1955, they applied for jobs a the Gatton Private Hospital and were accepted.

They both reached the hospital only to find that the matron running it was leaving for England, and no one had been found to replace her.

“Because of this they bought a five-year lease on the Gatton hospital and began to run it themselves.

“During that time, they both became engaged and started to plan their wedding.

“Mum [Dawn] was loved by everyone who knew her and met her, from our friends in our childhood, to our friends in our adult lives, to her grandchildren’s friends, and anyone she met along the way.”

On the 20th of October 1956, Stella married Trevor Murry, and Dawn married Dick Marsh at the Gatton Uniting Church.

Stella Murry’s son Paul Murry said his mum always put her family first in raising five children with Trevor.

“Throughout her life, Stella was often the cornerstone of stability for her family,” he said.

“Trev’s commitments took him to Vietnam, the USA, and frequent travels to Amberley AirForce Base, yet Stella managed everything at home with unwavering resilience.

“Her role as the primary carer during these times highlighted her incredible ability to balance numerous responsibilities while maintaining a nurturing environment for her children.”