Varroa mite detected in Brisbane

Local beekeepers are urged to watch their hives closely after a single varroa mite was detected in a sentinel beehive at the Port of Brisbane.

A single varroa mite has been found in a sentinel beehive at the Port of Brisbane after a routine inspection by Biosecurity Queensland, resulting in a movement control order being put in place.

Diagnostic testing confirmed the species is Varroa jacobsoni, not Varroa destructor.

Secondary testing is now being conducted to determine if the mite is carrying exotic viruses of honeybees, and if any other exotic bee pests are present.

Biosecurity Queensland is undertaking tracing activities to identify the potential source of the mite and likelihood of spread.

Surveillance will be conducted in conjunction with the Queensland bee industry and the Australian Government to determine if there are any more varroa mites in the surrounding area.

As a precautionary measure to minimise risk of varroa mite spread, effective immediately, a movement control order (MCO) is in place for hives in surrounding localities to the Port of Brisbane.

Restrictions apply to the movement of bees, bee hives, bee products (including honey) and used bee keeping equipment.

Report varroa mite to Biosecurity Queensland online or by calling 13 25 23.

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