Fun informative pig day out

Dragon Fields co-owner farmer Andrew welcomed people from as wide as Toowoomba and the Gold Coast for a pig and piglet farm experience on May 18-19. Pictures: DRAGON FIELDS 

Dragon Fields in Prenzlau offered an engaging and educational pig and piglet farm experience on 18-19 May, welcoming the public to explore their sustainable farming practices first hand.

Owned by childhood-educators-turned-farmers couple Andrew Rowlands and Megan Bowden, the educational farm focuses on regenerative practices centred around biodiversity, ecological harmony, and sustainability.

Mrs Bowden said the farm tours allowed people to be part of a positive change in how they connect with their food and the earth.

“People come and meet the pigs, and feed them, and we talk to them about how we use the pigs to reduce waste and regenerate the land,” she said.

“We’re not just people that’ll sit around and be doom and gloom about the environment, this is something we can all be a part of including kids.

“We can all take better options to help the earth and to reduce waste.”

Mrs Bowden said a documentary titled ‘Biggest Little Farm’ about the benefits and realities of developing a sustainable farm inspired her family to realise it was possible to create their own.

“We were at the time renting in Brisbane,” she said.

“We knew we wanted to do more and watching this movie where they shared their journey of building better soils and growing better food showed us that it is possible to do if you’re not afraid to put the work in.”

The Bowdens practice a method of food production and land management which prioritises natural techniques to preserve soil fertility, manage pests, and yield top-quality crops and livestock, all without relying on synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Dragon Fields will hold a pig feeding farm experience next on 15 June.