Laidley hosts national Light Horse cup

Tamworth A grade Light Horse section had won the overall national trophy three years in a row. Pictured with 2nd Light Horse Plainland Troop president Jo Moore. Pictures: JESSE HAMILTON

The Laidley Showgrounds became a bustling arena of equestrian obstacles and spirited competition on 8 June, as the Australian Light Horse Association Cup trotted off in the Lockyer Valley.

Hosted by the 2nd Light Horse Plainland Troop, the Light Horse Cup highlights speed and practical skill sets developed from the First World War.

2nd Light Horse Plainland Troop president Jo Moore said classes ranged from tent pegging, Skill at Arms and the rescue race challenge.

“The rescue race is designed to challenge the ability of horses to be led and the confidence of the trooper being rescued,” he said.

“The day is a mixture of speed and obstacle events.

“All of this is designed from the original training that they got that from the First World War from the dismounts and rescues that involve challenges like being able to pick up people and carry them.”

Mr Moore said the Light Horse Association Cup had been running nationwide for 24 years, with the Laidley event attracting some of the highest ranked riders from the East Coast.

“These are some of the best riders from the East Coast that we’ve got coming through,” he said.

“It’s held in different locations around Australia, we’ve got riders coming from southern New South Wales, Victoria, and around Queensland.”