The Independent Sport Results

Kilcoy Eight Ball Association winners of the ‘Gangers Shield’ Roscoe Burgess and Melinda Harrison. PHOTO: KEBA


Laidley Bowls Club

Singles Competition – L. Anderson 25, P. Grantham 18. Well done girls.

Social – A. Roffe, R. Webb, P. Morgan, 16. E. Roffe, P. McAndrew, R. Knight, 14. L. Duggan, D. Einan, R. Pagett, 13. M. Zabel, J. Mace, S. Harrison, 6. M. Whereat, C. McGuire, 21. RE. Duggan, B. Silk, 15.


Esk and District Under 13s Junior Cricket

Semi finals time and the Esk and District Under 13s cricket team have booked their place in the final against Forest Hill next Saturday with a win over Gatton Maroon 119 to 110in a very close game.

Batting – Billy Bergin 46 top score, Nate Friedrich 21, Damon Wood 16, Griffin Kruger 8, Brodie Kubler 5, Dean Kunde 4, Joe Bergin 3, Carter Melville 3

Bowling – Wickets to: Joe Bergin 2, Carter Melville 1, George Thornton 1, Jai Halsted 3 overs none for 9, Ben Jardine 3 overs none for 16.

Fielding – Catches to: Joe Bergin 1, George Thornton 1

Esk and District 7 – 119

Gatton Maroon 4 – 110

Player of the Match Billy Bergin 46 runs from 46 balls.

Lockyer A Grade

What a cliff hanger next Saturday will be, as teams battle for a Semis spot. Forest Hill are safely there, after a dominant win over Mulgowie, who have lost their early season promise. Idrios Wiggins with 48 and Hayden Sippel with 4-14 did the damage for the Goats.

The 115 posted by Helidon, with Ray McBride blasting 48 was not enough to contain Gatton Fordsdale who cruised by at 5-118. Mason Kleidon returned an outstanding 5-14, while Reece Wilmett was not out on 34.

Ropehill kept their hopes alive in downing the Glenore Grove Roos in a hard fought match. Reg Wenham with 55 steered Ropehill to 147, with Cameron Utz bagging 3-27. The Roos fought hard, with Codey Blake getting 27 but fell short on 111, with Reece Teske, 3-16, again amongst the wickets.

It appears as though the Black Ducks will need to beat Gatton Fordsdale in the final round to hold a Semis spot. A fitting climax to end the regular season.

Valley Vikings

Ladder leaders Laidley were too good for the Vikings in the “battle of the Lockyer”. The Vikings had early ascendancy, sending the Blue Dogs top three back for 20, courtesy of Rogan Utz with 4-24. However, the Laidley middle order steered them to 7-165. In reply, the Vikings were all out for 91, with Rogan completing a fine game with 46. Washouts against bottom teams denied the Vikings points which would have garnered a Semis spot. Another season in which potential wasn’t quite fulfilled.


Kilcoy Eight Ball Association

Round 8 of our Summer League was played on Wednesday the 28th of February.

Some absolutely epic frames were played with 2 draws this week.

Round 8 Results-

F-Troop 12 defeated Calm Your Farm 4

Ball Busters 8 drew Bushrangers 8

Homestead 8 drew Team Ballzy 8

The winners of the 2023 Les (Ganger) Newton shield were announced on Wednesday the 21st of February.

Clinton Morrow came up with the idea of keeping Ganger’s name “alive” and in 2018 the “Champion of Champions” shield was born.

Les (Ganger) was a prominent figure within our Kilcoy community that promoted Cue Sports.

The Male and Female winners are decided from the results of the following competitions-

Kilcoy 8 ball summer league

Aywon singles

Typhoon 200

Kilcoy men’s singles championship

Kilcoy Ladies singles championship

Sharkys shield

Lionel Craig 8 ball (RSL comp)

Bob Jackson Snooker (RSL comp)

We are delighted to announce our 2023 winners-

Roscoe Burgess and Melinda Harrison

A huge thank you to Clinton and Jayden Morrow for your time and commitment to this yearly shield.

Teams playing in round 9 of the Summer League on the 6th of March-

Bushrangers v’s Homestead

Kill Shots v’s Ball Busters

Four Q’s v’s Bill’s Team

Best of luck to all and Cue Str8


Esk Golf Club

Turkey Run 1-3-2024

Another hot afternoon saw Brian Glanville take the win with Doug Bitossi coming a close second.

The Run-down

Winner – B Glanville 45/30

Runner-up – D Bitossi 41/31

Best Putts – M Beetz 13

NTP 13 – M Beetz, NTP 17 – P Cook

I MacIntyre 50/32, P Cook 42/33, M Beetz 45/34, G Ray 51/34, J Humphrey 48/37, J Lumsden 58/41, Saturday 2/3/24

Matchplay Qualifying – Sponsor Heinz Knubel

Single Stroke/March Monthly Medal

Winner/ Qualifiers – E Lee 64nett

R/UP – J Guest 66, A Johns 67, L Latter 70, I Macintyre 70, C Wheeler 70, D Allery 71, B Farnham 71, BL Farnham 71, C Neilsen 72, D Lee 72, M Beetz 72, D Bitossi 73, C Pettet 73, G Proctor 73, H Knubel 74

Monthly Medal – Ernie Lee

NTP – 1/10 3rd P Cook, 2/11 3rd B Farnham, 3/12 3rd A Johns, 5/14 3rd E Lee (in hole), 6/15 2nd no winner, 9/18 3rd B Tumney


Sponsor Esk IGA – 4/13 B Moore

Sponsor Brisbane Valley Meats – 8/17 2nd D Lee

Top 16 Qualify for Rd 2 of Matchplay out of 35 entrants. Ernie taking a great win as it is his 2nd game this year after his heart problems last year, also taking the Monthly Medal, and a birdie pin shot, good to see him back and playing well. Jim having a good crack to get R/UP spot, quite a few fancied players missing out should be good this year.

Sunday 3/3/24 – 9 Hole Chooky

Winner – C Pettet 27nett

R/UP – G Spencer 30, C Neilsen 31, J Humphrey 31, B Glanville 32, P Cook 33, S Wilson 33, V Scott 33, M Scott 35, G Ray 35, D Back 36, M Beetz 37, G Lockett 38(L)

Putting Competition – Chris Neilsen 13putts

NTP – No 13 C Pettet, No 17 2nd C Neilsen

Usual gang out on a bit cooler morning, the Old Pom Col taking a good win and a pin shot, almost a hole in one (again) Garry getting R/UP spot with Chris getting a pin shot and inning the putting competition

Laidley Golf Club

Saturday 2nd March – Men & Ladies Monthly Medal & Putting

Also Qualifying Round Men & Ladies Single Matchplay

Ladies Winner: Jenny Paroz 93/72 on c/b

Runner Up: Christine Scheiwe 91/72

Run Down: M. Taylor 94/75, T. Harris 100/76, J. Logan 92/76

Others :J. Sippel 101/77, M. Voorma 99/78, O. Luck 104/78, C. Sternberg 87/79, D. Manteufel 112/80, T. Pyers 117/81, H Gilbert 111/82, H. Gray 107/82, S. Hulett 118/89, J. Murray 118/89

Pins: (Pro Pin) Jenny Paroz (Div.1) Christine Scheiwe (Div.2) Julie Murray (All In) Christine Scheiwe

Putting: Cheryl Sternberg 26 putts

Men’s Winner: Andrew Parker 78/69

Runner Up: Roger Gray 90/70 on c/b

Run Down: J. Stewart 88/70, L. Belford 84/70, C. Fletcher 76/70, Will Nielsen 94/73, C. Panzram 91/74, G Zischke 83/74, Daniel Luck 94/74, R. Yeo 85/74, P. Mc Fie 83/74

Others :D. James 93/75, K. Goebel 80/75, A. Lee 87/76, D. Hauser 82/76, A. Paroz 86/77, J. Etherden 84/77, S. Luck 81/77, K. Luck 87/78, K. Godwin 91/78, B. Maugeri 90/79, F. Sippel 102/79, A. Barrow 100/80, T Grimshaw 81/80, G. Hulett 89/80, R. Stagg 98/81, G. Heuston 103/82, D. Cannard 106/83, A. Cullen 96/84, G. O’Sullivan 100/86, Tony Eathorne 127/91

Pins: (Pro Pin) Robbie Yeo (Div.1) Garry Hulett (Div.2) ——— (Div.3) Derryn James

Putting: Cameron Panzram 27 on c/b from Andrew Parker & Daniel Hauser

Results of Men’s Qualifying Matchplay

Scratch Division:

C. Fletcher (1) to play J. Etherden (8)

A. Parker (2) to play P. McFie (7)

K. Goebel (3) to play G. Zischke (6

T. Grimshaw (4) to play D. Hauser (5)

Handicap Division:

W. Nielsen (1) to play A. Barrow (8)

C. Panzram (2) to play B. Maugeri (7)

R. Yeo (3) to play K. Godwin (6)

D. James (4) to play A. Lee (5)

Ladies Weekend Matchplay:

C. Scheiwe (1) to play T. Pyers (8)

T. Harris (2) to play D. Manteufel (7)

J. Logan (3) to play C. Sternberg (6)

J. Sippel (4) to play M. Voorma (5)

All qualifying players are requested to contact their partners and arrange their playing times for next Saturday 1st Round of Single Matchplay

Friday 1st March – Chook Run – 12 holes

Winner: Robbie Yeo 22

Others: P. McFie 21, A. Parker 19, P. Wood 17, R. Bachmann 15, J. Rolfe 1, W. Parker 3

Thursday 29th February – Open Competition – Single Stableford

Winner: Graham Robinson 39

Runner Up: Andrew Parker 37

Run Down: T. Grimshaw 34, R. Core 34, K. Luck 34, K. Goebel 33, L. Belford 33, R. Yeo 33

Pins: (Pro Pin) Lionel Edwards (Div.1) Ken Luck (Div.2) Clarrie Weier (All In) Troy Grimshaw

Wednesday 28th February – Ladies Single Stableford – Star Putter’s Luncheon

Trophies donated by: Coll’s Catering

Winner: Lorraine Emery 37

Runner Up: Jenny Paroz 36

Run Down: L Knopke 34, M. Taylor 33, C. Sternberg 33

Pins: (Donated by M. Voorma)

(Pro Pin) Cheryl Sternberg (Div.1) Cheryl Sternberg (Div.2) Jenny Paroz (Div.3) Joan Kane

Star Putter for 2023: Judy Logan

Lowood Golf Club

Results for Tuesday 27 February 2024 Single Stableford

Men’s Winner: J Ormaechea 41 R/Up: S Mahoney 39

BRD: S Henshall 38 R Young B Lowe D Sharp 37 N Sippel J Luxford 34 ocb

Ladies Winner: N Coles 36 R/Up: F Overington 32

NTPs: 2: J Ormaechea 5: C Petrohilos 11: B Lowe 14: D Sharp 2nd shot 4/13 Div 1: C Petrohilos Div 2: M Whitwell

Results for Thursday 29 February 2024 Single Stableford

Men’s Winner: W Hankinson 41 R/Up: J Brady 38 ocb

BRD: P Harmon 38 T Quinsee 37 A Bolton B Lowe D Sharp I Coates 36 R Coolwell ocb

Ladies Winner: R Flashman 34 ocb R/Up: Sue Kopelke 34 ocb

NTPs: 2: G Winter 5: Pat Dwyer 11: A Page 14: P Lawrenson 14 Ladies 2nd shot: J Bopf 2nd shot 4/13 Div 1: R Coolwell Div 2: P Harmon 9 3rd shot Ladies: Sue Kopelke

Secret Partners: Winners: S Webb & W Hankinson 74 R/Up: P Harmon & Sue Kopelke 72

Results for Saturday 2 March 2024 Single Stroke

Div 1 Winner: J Grace 70 R/Up: Sue Kopelke 73 ocb

Div 2 Winner: D Hellyer 67 R/Up: P Harmon 68

Best Gross: Shane Kopelke 75

BRD: M Barden 70 J Webb A Staatz 72 J Ormaechea V Birchall Paul Coles P Thode 73 W Parker Shane Kopelke 74 ocb

NTPs: 2: L Burton 5: A Kingdon 11: D Hellyer 14: Shane Kopelke 2nd shot 9/18 Div 1: M Whalan Div 2: Peter Coles

Rosewood Golf Club

Results 2.3.24

Monthly Mug – Single Stroke:

Best Gross: G Petersen 70, N McMillan 70

Eagle: G Molloy (No 1)

Winners: Div 1 – G Petersen 70/65, Div 2 – A Sutton 85/68 OCB, Div 3 – L Petersen 87/64, Ladies – M Morton 104/74

Runner Up: Div 1 – N McMillan 70/68, Div 2 – G Molloy 80/68, Div 3 – J Maxwell 92/69, Ladies – E Nelson 84/75 OCB

3rd Place: Div 1 – W Draheim 77/69 , Div 2 – W Swan 80/69, Div 3 – P Ledlie 89/70, Ladies – T Aumua 95/75 OCB

Run Down: Men to 73, Ladies to 75

NTP – No 2: T Stanford 207 cm, Ladies: E Nelson in Hole (2nd shot), No 9: (0-18) D Walkom, (19+) R Winrow 106 cm, Ladies: P Brown 116 cm, No 11: B Horridge 163 cm, Ladies: K Draheim, No 15: D Hangan, Ladies: E Nelson, Approach (No 12): K O’Connell, Ladies: E Nelson

Mr Putter: N McMillan 23, Mrs Putter: E Nelson 29

Toogoolawah Golf Club

Wednesday 28th February Ladies played a 9 hole Single Stableford Event.

Winner was Enid Faulkner 15 points. Runner up Pat Dennis 12 points.

Enid’s NTP no 13 Judi Marshall.

PM Chook Run also a 9 hole Single Stableford.

Winner Abel Cruz 20 points, Runner up Eric Cox 19 points.

NTP 1/10 Richie Marschke, no 3/12 Clinton Smith.

Saturday 2nd March Toogoolawah IGA Trophy Day. An 18 hole single stroke in conjunction with March Monthly Medal.

Overall winner Brian Loveland, Men’s winner Eric Cox, Men’s Runner up Blair Broad. Men’s NTP 8/17 Garry Hutchinson.

Ladies Winner Ailsa Richter, Runner up Enid Faulkner. Ladies NTP 2/11 Lea-Jayne Marschke.

NTP’S Exchange Hotel Groovy G.O.A.T Pizza 3/12 Garry Hutchinson, IGA Toogoolawah 4/13 Blair Broad.

For Frank 6/15 Ailsa Richter, Grand Hotel Esk 7/16 men’s Blair Broad, Ladies Ailsa Richter.

Congratulations to Brian Loveland and Ailsa Richter March Monthly Medal Winners.

A Big Thank You to IGA Toogoolawah for a Great Trophy Day. Your continuous support is very much appreciated.

Coming Events

Saturday 9th March, Graeme Kuhn and Leanne Collie’s Trophy Day.

A 4BBB Stableford – Golfer/Golfer or Golfer/Non- Golfer.

Golfers bring a friend that might be interested in a game of golf for the Golfer/non golfer event.

Esk Members you are invited as the Esk course closed.

Monday 11th March Triple Valley Pennants at Sandy Gallop. Toogoolawah V Lowood. 8.45am.

Wednesday 13th March Ladies AM Golf 7.30am/8am Pm Chook Run 3.30pm.


Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club

A hot sticky Saturday afternoon with a mild mainly Northerly breeze turning. A uncomfortable afternoon for the short 300yd target.

F.Class out of 126.21

F. Open.

D. Reddan 124.11


J. Findlay 116.4, R. Cowburn 114.5, R. Bowman 107.4, A. Chalmers 105.2 and K. Hartwig 105.1

Next week 500yds Working bee 10am, for Sundays Open Prize Meeting


Gatton Redbacks Football Club

Results for competitive Gatton Redbacks junior and senior teams:

U13 (0-1) Loss to Rockville Rovers

U14/15 Division 1 (0-12) Loss to USQ FC

U14/15 Junior League (0-1) Loss to Highfields FC

U/23 FQPL3 Men (3-4) Loss to Willowburn FC

FQPL3 Men (1-2) Loss to Willowburn FC


Gatton Squash Club

The competition at the Gatton Squash Club continues to run hot with 5 matches decided by just 1 game. Caleb Weier fought a tough battle with Codey Wegner. Weier looked to have everything under control before Wegner staged a comeback. It was only Weier’s determination and stamina that saw him take the match 3-2.

Congratulations to all those who played on the night.

Sound and Fury lost to Green-eyed Monster

• Kent Idle (1-40) lost to John Bleakley (4-52)

• Craig Jones (2-43) def Andrew Lerch (3-44)

• Kelsey O’Dea (5-63) def Kerrie Toohey (0-49)

• Josh Reisenleiter (1-43) lost to Courtney Haak (4-51)

• Terry O’Dea (0-0) no game Jacob Sudhaus (0-0)

• Caleb Weier (3-42) def Codey Wegner (2-38)

Love is Blind defeated That is the Question

• Shane Zischke (5-56) def Clayton Whincop (0-36)

• Rob Balenzuela (2-48) lost to Kevin Gloss (3-49)

• Neil Thomas (5-55) def Chrissie Everitt (0-0)

• Bruce McLachlan (2-42) lost to Clive Nuttall-Smith (3-48)

• Hayden Kleidon (0-42) lost to Annette Kilah (5-55)

• Graham Malone (2-36) lost to Mason Kleidon (3-48)

What Dreams May Come defeated Much Ado About Nothing

• Michael Pratt (4-56) def Natalie Mati (1-42)

• Steve Marriott (4-53) def Kerrie Toohey (1-36)

• Brent Loughman (5-55) def Aaron O’Dea (0-32)

• Blake Loughman (0-0) no game Sam Steinhardt (0-0)

• Jason Cook (3-50) def Lachlan Evans (2-45)

• Nick Theodosis (0-14) lost to Conner Kleidon (5-55)


Esk Tennis Club

Thursday Night Fixtures Results:

Semi-Finals – games could not be any closer.

Ian’s Team 32 Defeated Trevor’s Team 32.

Terry’s/Bruce’s Team 32 Defeated Matt’s Team 32.

Grand Final to play this coming Thursday Night between Ian’s Team and Terry’s/Bruce’s Team.

Toogoolawah Tennis Club

Toogoolawah Tennis Club started playing Monday Night Social Tennis between 6pm to 8.00pm. Great to see all the young up and coming players attend along with some new players. Everyone welcome. Cost is $2.00 per person. A good night was had by all. This week there will be a sausage sizzle as well as playing tennis.


Laidley Touch Association

Results For Monday 26th February


Uncos 7 def Bits ‘n’ Pieces 4

Rovers Mx 5 def Tigers 3

Dirty Ruckers 10 def Mob Up 3

Gammin Mx 14 def Need a Sub 5

Layabouts 8 def Underachievers 4

Golden Oldies 11 def 434Run 4

Sitting Ducks 9 drew with Sweathogs 9

Sambuca’s won on a forfeit by Halfbacks & Halfwits


Gammin Men 9 def Penetrators 7

Laidley High Boys 8 def Backyard All Stars 2

Waterboys 10 def Rovers Men 4