Shooters put to the test at prize meet

Shooters were put to the test against windy conditions at Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club’s Open Prize Meeting on 10 March. Pictures: GRACE CRICHTON

Competitive shooters were challenged by a blustery day at Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club’s Open Prize Meeting on 10 March.

Forty shooters from clubs across southeast Queensland participated in several disciples of target rifle and scope shooting at the club’s range on Woodlands Rd.

Queensland Rifle Association chairman and Pacific Rifle Club member Andrew McKillop said the windy conditions added an extra challenge to the event.

“Today’s event was a little bit rough,” he said.

“We had plenty of wind today which is really good from the point of view of sorting out shooters.

“It makes it more challenging for everyone, no one gets an easy break.

“In these sort of conditions your really good shooters who are patient and can control themselves generally rise to the top.

“We do occasional get some luck, and you’ve got to make your own luck in this game.”

Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club captain Colin Greenwood said there were good performances despite the trying conditions.

“It’s a good chance for them to put their wind reading skills to good use and a lot of them did quite well,” he said.

“They’re shooting 600 yards into a small target that’s only two feet wide.

“The guys who are shooting today all know and can shoot into the area and not miss the target.”

State Member for Lockyer and club patron Jim McDonald presented the winners in more than twenty classes plus aggregate winners.

Greenwood thanked Mr McDonald for his support.

McKillop encouraged anyone interested in the sport to reach out.

“If you’re interested in long range target shooting get in contact with the club,” he said.

“There are new disciplines that have been introduced where the standard sporting rifle can be used.

“Contact the club and I’m sure they’d be happy to have you.”