Basketball bouncing in the Lockyer

A great shot looks to break the deadlock in the junior’s competition. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

The Lockyer Valley Basketball Association has bounced off for another year of hoop jumping joy, inviting players of all ages to join a physically and socially beneficial sporting experience.

The Lockyer club has already made a significant impact on growing the sport in the region in 2024, with several teams entering the Toowoomba Basketball competition and a grassroots program commencing to help youth develop their skills.

Lockyer Valley Basketball Association president Angelique Rhodes said basketball plays an integral part of sports identity in the valley.

“Come out and have some fun, we run all year round,” she said.

“It gets the kids away from the computers, away from substances and out and playing.

“If we give kids something healthy to engage in , something to look forward to, it may only help one kid, if it helps one kid, that’s great.”

Rhodes said kids getting involved in a sport keeps them on the right track, with Lockyer Basketball also offering competition for senior players interested in staying active.

“We have competition for players up to 60, It’s all-mixed basketball, we don’t have girls’ teams, but if there’s girls wanting to play, they get on the court with the boys,” she said.

“I had a son pass away in 2017, wrong choices, so if I can give someone the right choice, I’ll give them the right choice.”

Lockyer basketball have U19, U17’s, U15s and a seniors team competing in the Toowoomba Basketball Competition.

Social competitions for juniors run at Faith Lutheran School and the Lockyer Valley Aquatic Centre, with an Aussie Hoops grassroots program for kids five to ten commencing soon.

If you are interested in playing or coaching call 0433 767 131.