Pedalling with purpose

The Valley Velo 50km riders got underway just before 9am and headed up to Harlin. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

The cycling community united for the ultimate off-road cycling adventure for a cause on 25 May, with Valley Velo kicking off on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail in Esk.

The inaugural Esk event raised $145,000 for Valley Velo, which supports the MND and Me and Compass Foundations in caring for people and their families living with a Motor Neurone Disease or disability in Queensland.

Valley Velo event director Ben Southall said the charity ride attracted 125 registered riders with distances ranging from 50km, 100km, to 150km.

 “The first turnaround we’ve got is at Harlin for the 50kers,” he said

 “The next one after that will be heading up to Linville, where we’ve got the 100k riders going to for their turnaround, and then up to Blackbutt for the last one for the 150kers. 

 “Nick and the team from Brisbane Valley Roasters have provided an excellent setup in Esk.

“It’s a great location and is perfect for a cycling event base.

 “We’ve been working quite closely with the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association, who put together all of the volunteer stations for us.

 “They know the rail trail intimately, so to have their knowledge and their expertise,  we’ve been able to come in and then put this event together, and everyone’s off enjoying some of the beautiful countryside.”