Triathlon event limit lifted

The Somerset Multi-Sport Event will proceed with planning and promotion following Seqwater’s revised capacity limit. Picture: UNSPLASH

Lake Wivenhoe will host up to 450 swimmers, runners and cyclists in October after negotiations between Somerset Regional Council (SRC) and Seqwater were resolved last month.

In its 8 May ordinary meeting, SRC resolved to write to Minister for Water Glenn Butcher and Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick about the Somerset Multi-Sport Event, a modified triathlon event, following onerous requirements put in place by Seqwater.

SRC Corporate and Community Services director Daniel Rowe detailed the negotiations officers made with Seqwater.

Initially, Seqwater advised open water swimming would not be allowed in the event, and then later provided conditional approval for the event.

“The conditional approval of the event limited the event’s total capacity to 450 attendees (including participants, spectators and event staff),” Mr Rowe’s report said.

In its 29 May ordinary meeting, council received further correspondence from Seqwater revising the capacity limit to 450 participants.

“The revised event participant limit ensures a viable outcome for the event achievable,” Mr Rowe said.

“As such, correspondence to the ministers may no longer be required.”

Mayor Jason Wendt applauded the news.

“It’s wonderful to see that we can actually get some traction with that, hopefully it’s the start of things to come,” he said.

“It’s such an important asset in our region given the 2032 Olympics are coming, so I’m excited for that.”

A Seqwater spokesperson said the organisation looked forward to working with council to deliver a successful triathlon.

“As part of this commitment, we have waived the event site application fee, will have Seqwater staff on roster that day to support the event, and will provide hydration stations with drinking water for competitors,” they said.

“Seqwater has clarified with council the capacity limit of 450 relates to the maximum competitors.

“The intention of this limit is to manage safety and water quality considerations due to the open water swimming component of the race.

“We’re committed to working with council to explore events and other initiatives in the region, while balancing drinking water quality and safety requirements.”

The Somerset Multi-Sport Event will proceed with planning and promotion, and is scheduled to be held 12 and 13 October 2024.

Registration for the event is scheduled to open in June.