Esk Anticipates arrival of unique three-wheeled motorised vehicles

United Trikers Australia members Darryn Klein and Colin Peake with their Panther Wildcat 2009 model Trikers powered by Subaru motors. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Trike enthusiasts from all corners of the country will descend upon Esk this Saturday 16 March as the United Trikers’ Australia group hosts an exhilarating ride event starting at the Brisbane Valley Roasters.

Converging into town for their AGM, the group organises numerous meetings nationwide each year, with the inaugural Esk event attracting 128 members to register.

United Trikers’ Australia member Darryn Klein helped organise the ride and said it was an opportunity to host it in a lovely country town.

“I was asked to organise this year’s AGM and we looked at half a dozen country towns and decided on Esk,” he said.

“It was up to us for somewhere in this area, and we decided not to worry about going to Toowoomba and instead host it in a small town that would benefit economically from 120 people being here.”

United Trikers’ Australia member Colin Peake has owned a trike since 2009 and said it is a safe and reliable vehicle with members following a nice scenic route come Saturday.

“We will be going down towards Fernvale from Esk, turn left at the corner and going back up past the dams,” he said

“We will have lunch in Kilcoy and then go back towards Esk.

“I used to drive a two-wheel motorbike, and as I got older and I didn’t like the thought of losing skin, they’re a lot safer than motorbikes.

“They’re a three-wheel motorised vehicle that you just sit back and relex and enjoy, they’re big enough that other cars can see you.”

Mr Peake encouraged spectators to come along to the Brisbane Valley Roasters to witness a unique event.

“It’s handy for those people interested in them, they can talk to the guys who are riding them and find out information about owning one,” he said.

“You need an open motorbike license to ride one in Queensland.”

The Esk ride will attract a range of models from European and Australian make.