Ten years and 500 runs

Paul Robin celebrated 500 parksuns over ten years at Gatton parkrun on 9 March. Pictured with Gatton parkrun director Georgie Smith. Pictures: GRACE CRICHTON

When Paul Robin set out for his first parkrun ten years ago, he had never run before in his life.

But it quickly became an integral part of his weekly routine, culminating in his 500th parkrun on 9 March.

The Gatton parkrun community did not hold back in celebrating on Saturday, as Paul is the first person to reach 500 runs at the location.

Gatton parkrun director Georgie Smith said Paul is an inspirational person who motivates and uplifts others.

“Paul Robin is the heartbeat of Gatton parkrun,” she said.

“His contributions to our community have really transformed what Gatton parkrun is today.”

There are 54 parkruns every year, each Saturday plus a on Christmas and New Years Day.

Out of his ten years at parkrun, he has attended a parkrun more than 50 times per year six times.

In 2023, he did 53 parkruns, missing only one while he was out of town and ran at another venue.

Georgie said Paul was a an ‘unbelievable’ volunteer who took on many jobs, showing his commitment and dedication.

Paul was at Gatton’s first parkrun on 13 July 2013.

He turns up every week not just for his own health and fitness, but for his fellow runners.

“The crowd, lining up at the start, then running with everybody, it was a bit of a buzz,” he said.

“I’d never done anything like that in my life before and I just kept going after that.”

He thanked the run directors, volunteers, and everybody he runs with.

“They’re just great people,” he said.

Gatton parkrun is held at Lake Apex at 7am on Saturdays.