New garden for retirement village

Bunnings and Tabeel Aged Care teamed up to build a new community garden at the retirement village. Pictures: CONTRIBUTED

Retirees can flex their green thumbs thanks to a new community garden in Laidley.

Tabeel Aged Care teamed up with Bunnings Plainland to install the garden next to Hopeland House in Tabeel’s retirement village.

Tabeel Aged Care client and community advisor Blake Gray said the idea came up when he was speaking with a few of the village residents.

“We were just chatting about how cool it would be for us to have our own little community garden,” he said.

He reached out to Bunnings for a collaboration.

“They straight away said yep, happy days, just let us know what you need, when you need us there, and we’ll be there,” Mr Gray said.

“At the moment they also come and volunteer an activity with our residents at our aged care facility.”

Bunnings donated raised garden beds, soil, and plenty of plants to get the garden off to a great start.

Several village residents put up their hands to help look after the garden and the community can visit as well.

“The whole idea is it’s a community garden, so anyone involved in the community can help and partake,” Mr Gray said.

Mr Blake said there were health benefits from being in a garden, growing your own food, and the little wins of growing your own produce and plants.

“The mental benefits are great,” he said.

He thanked Bunnings for their donations, time, and support.

“The team at Bunnings have always been really good,” he said.

“It’s really cool to know that Bunnings have a community aspect to it and they go out and help not-for-profits.”