Tree Troffs to keep koalas quenched

The Lockyer Uplands Catchment Inc received 77 Tree Troffs from WIRES. Picture: LVRC

Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC) continues to partner with a host of local organisations – and this time it’s to the benefit of our native animals.

Council has joined forces with Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc, a community environmental group which received 77 Tree Troffs from the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (W.I.R.E.S).

A Tree Troff is a small watering trough that’s fed via a float system and was designed by Robert Frend from Wildsip Pty Ltd.

As the basin water level drops the float refills it from a 200 litre water drum.

This will not only make it easier for residents to enjoy the benefits of green spaces but will also ensure the long-term future of our furry friends.

WIRES received funding, under their Water for Wildlife program, from concerned countries that were saddened by the 2019 drought, as well as the 2020 fires that claimed the lives of so many animals

An LVRC spokesperson said council was thrilled to assist with the behind-the scenes logistics of this program, with officers set to assist with the delivery of the Troffs this coming weekend.

“These Tree Troffs were initially to assist koalas in times of drought and heatwaves, however it has been observed that birds, possums, gliders and other tree climbing animals utilise these Troffs as well,” the spokesperson said.

“The beneficial aspect of these Troffs is that animals need not come to the ground to get a drink, where the predators could be waiting.

“As a council, we’re proud to put our partnerships to good use for initiatives such as these and work with the community to create a more liveable future.

“We’re confident ventures such as this will assist in securing the future of the Lockyer Valley for generations to come.”