Preferences a tight race for Milligan

Incumbent Mayor for Lockyer Valley Regional Council Tanya Milligan wasn't ready to celebrate on Sunday as the preferential votes continued to be counted.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council incumbent Mayor Tanya Milligan was not celebrating on Sunday 17 March, despite having 44 per cent of the preliminary votes the day after the local government elections.

“I’m not celebrating yet because it just feels too close,” Cr Milligan said.

“They still need to do the preferences, so we’ll see how that plays out.

“I think some people have forgotten that, I’ve had numerous people congratulate me.”

Mayoral candidate Kyle Burnett agreed the numbers could go either way.

“The counting’s still going on and I was at a couple of scrutineering booths on election night and a lot of people did preference voting, so I’m very interested to see how those figures end up,” Mr Burnett said.

Mayoral candidate Maree Rosier said she was disappointed with the outlook of the votes, but not surprised.

“I’m an eternal optimist, and I was disappointed by the results but I realise it was a big ask and I that in times of difficulty, when things are tough, history shows us that we vote for the incumbents because we’re fearful of change and looking for that stability,” Ms Rosier said.

“For me, that’s counter-intuitive because that’s another way to get more of what you’ve got.

“I polled well in the communities that know me so I’m heartened by that.”

The Mayoral candidates congratulated their opposition and council candidates for their efforts.

“To all the candidates, whether the two mayoral candidates or any of the councillor candidates, I really take my hat off to anyone who puts themselves out there, out in the public for public service,” Cr Milligan said.

“It’s not easy, because you are out there to the scrutiny of the public.”

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