Votes go Milligan’s way

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Tanya Milligan has been re-elected to represent the region. Picture: GRACE CRICHTON

Tanya Milligan was officially declared to return as Mayor for Lockyer Valley Regional Council on Wednesday 27 March.

Cr Milligan said the election had some misinformation and unpleasantness, but that it was ‘part and parcel, unfortunately, during election campaigns’.

“Being the incumbent Mayor, a lot of people said ‘she’s not out there campaigning’, and that’s because as the current Mayor, unlike other people, I had commitments, stuff in my diary and meetings to do,” Cr Milligan said.

“I’ve always said that I still have a job to do and I’m being remunerated by my community with the expectation that I’ll be doing my job up until the votes tell me otherwise.”

She said the two meet the candidate events raised lots of questions about council’s performance, with a focus on road conditions.

“Are we being efficient as an organisation and the way we do business?” Cr Milligan said.

“I think, too, we need to look at communication… I really believe we are doing it better than we used to, but from what I heard from the meet the candidates events, there’s room for improvement in how we get out messaging back to our community.”

Candidate Maree Rosier polled last with 25.91 per cent of votes, with 58.27 per cent of the preference votes redirecting to Cr Milligan, securing her the position.

Ms Rosier said she enjoyed aspects of the election.

“I met some really extraordinary people. I never fail to be amazed by the number of interesting people that live in our community,” she said.

Ms Rosier said she was disappointed by the result but realised it was a ‘big ask’.

“I’m an eternal optimist, and I was disappointed by the results but I realise it was a big ask and I that in times of difficulty, when things are tough, history shows us that we vote for the incumbents because we’re fearful of change and looking for that stability,” she said.

Fellow candidate Kyle Burnett said his thoughts going into the election were supported by community feedback.

“The feedback I was getting was lack of communication from council, they don’t know what’s going on and just want to know more,” Mr Burnett said.

Mr Burnett said he would return to the campaign trail in 2028.

“It’ll be four years of getting ready for the next one for me… I’m not going anywhere and I love the Lockyer Valley,” he said.