Early education centre celebrates 20 years

Stacey, Jack and Taylor were excited to celebrate 20 years with the Lockyer Valley Early Education Centre. Pictures: JACOB HAYDEN

Gatton families came together on Saturday 23 March to join the Lockyer Valley Early Education Centre in celebrating 20 years of education.

Centre director Caitlin Stait was excited to see current and former families visiting the centre for some Saturday fun.

Mrs Stait has been with the centre for 13 years, and has been director for three years.

“It’s really wonderful to be part of a privately owned company with our owners Jack and Lydia Amouzandeh, to be part of a company that’s so committed, family orientated and community orientated which values that quality care and sets those really high standards,” Mrs Stait said.

“When they opened 20 years ago, we’ve had a journey and a transformation too with all three playgrounds being renovated by Wearthy.

“It’s grown in occupancy, starting and building up with children and families and community.”

Children took part in pony rides, face painting and animal farm fun.

“The Lockyer Valley Libraries are here so the children can get temporary library cards and borrow a book today,” Mrs Stait said.

Mrs Stait was excited to show off the centre’s new veggie farm.

“Every day we ask the children ‘what do you want to do today?’” she said.

“Every day they say they want to go on farm kindy excursions, so what better way to bring a farm to them that they can farm every day.

“[On Friday] we had one of our community farmers come in and do farming with the children.

“The children are going to have regular visits from farmers in the area to come and give some advice and help them grow their vegetables as best as they can.”