Junior golfers take a swing

Toogoolawah Golf Club has invited local students aged six to twelve to join the club on Tuesday afternoons to learn how to golf. Pictures: JACOB HAYDEN

Aspiring young golfers have been invited to take their first swing at Toogoolawah Golf Club in an effort to bring in the next generation of members.

Toogoolawah Golf Club president and Toogoolawah State School principal Garry Hutchinson organised the Tuesday afternoon training sessions for young golfers.

“We’ve got a lot of more elderly people, obviously, that play golf and we’re looking at getting some more juniors in to play the game,” Hutchinson said.

“As the principal of a school I had access to a large cohort of young people, so it made sense to get something up and going.

“I think we’ve got about 30-odd kids here now, if we get ten of them playing on a regular basis that would be a great outcome, for sure.”

Hutchinson said the town did not have many sporting opportunities.

“When you look at Toogoolawah as a small community, we don’t have a lot of sporting activities for the kids, so golf is an opportunity to do something slightly different,” he said.

“Any time, in my opinion, a student is socially active in a sport, that’s better for their home life and school life… there’s no doubt about it.”

The junior golfers learn putting, chipping and swing mechanics and about age group competitions.

Hutchinson thanked the golf club’s members for giving their time.

“Without them we wouldn’t be able to do this, it would just be Mr Murdoch and myself,” he said.

Sessions are on Tuesday (schooldays) 3:30-5pm at the club.