Author voices his candid truth

Esk local Douglas Rowell has made his book debut with ‘I’m Just Saying’ providing a range of controversial opinions. Picture: JESSE HAMILTON

Esk local Douglas Rowell has become a first-time author at the age of 86 with his book ‘I’m Just Saying’ offering a range of stimulating and thought-provoking ideas.

Issued by independent publisher InHouse Publishing, Doug comments on a wide range of social and economic subjects throughout the book that manifested the world in which he grew up.

“I’m looking at topics such as democracy and religion, Australia’s debt level, our defence system, and I come out of the box with solutions by saying you might not want to accept these criticisms, but by understanding what I’m saying, you’ll also understand why these are such complex problems that are going to take time to fix,” he said.

“I want to stimulate debate amongst certain politicians and people of power and make them consider these ideas.”

The Somerset local launched ‘I’m Just Saying’ at the Esk Grand Hotel from 12 to 14 April.