Brieschke’s back as Deputy

Somerset Regional Council re-elected Councillor Helen Brieschke as Deputy Mayor on 10 April.

In its post-election meeting on Wednesday 10 April, Somerset Regional Council unanimously voted for Councillor Helen Brieschke to return as Deputy Mayor.

Cr Brieschke has been a Somerset councillor since 2012, and has been Deputy Mayor for the last four years.

She said it was incredibly humbling to be voted back into council, and to receive the support from colleagues to return as Deputy Mayor.

“I’m just so thankful for the support that the community has given me in the first instance of being re-elected,” she said.

“We did hear a lot of dissatisfaction in the community [during the election process], so I am grateful for the support that the community has given me in the first instance of being re-elected, but to be re-elected as Deputy Mayor, I have to say that I’m just probably humbled again.”

Cr Brieschke said she thought the new team of councillors were ‘already extremely cohesive’.

“I think we’re actually going to do really well, we’ve got a good spread of councillors across the region, which is one of the things that I normally actually do push for when we’re going through the the election process,” she said.

“I didn’t see the need for this this time around, because there were so many people from all the areas across the region.”

Cr Brieschke said she was disappointed for the Kilcoy community, which does not have a local representative.

“I think we’ve all taken that on board,” Cr Brieschke said.

“I have, in my entire time in council, I have supported things in Kilcoy and been to Kilcoy meetings and functions.

“I think we’ve taken on our responsibility as a whole, and it is the whole of our region.”

The Deputy Mayor said she planned to continue to support community infrastructure in Somerset, and was proud of recent achievements like sporting field lighting, the Lowood and Toogoolawah pools, and the Kilcoy racecourse and showgrounds.

“If we’re planned and prepared for it, when those those granting bodies stand up, we can actually deliver and we did an incredible amount of community infrastructure work last time,” Cr Brieschke said.

“I think if we can continue doing that, it’ll improve the liveability of our community, and especially our volunteers, because most of those places are run by volunteers and making their job easier, it’s a wonderful thing to achieve.”

Cr Brieschke said most people had no idea what it was like to be a councillor, and the most important skill was knowing how to balance priorities.

“When you are actually elected and you get your feet under the table it’s a whole different way of looking at things and balancing things,” she said.

“It’s not just ‘I’m going to get in and do this’, and we learn that pretty early.

“There are a whole lot of things in the community that people would like to see improved, but you can only do so much in a 12 month period, and that’s where the balancing comes into play.”

In the same meeting, councillors were appointed to committees and community association meetings, and Cr Brieschke said she was looking forward to getting out into the community.

“It’s an exciting time for council because, with all those with all those changes in councillors, we are going to see fresh ideas coming through,” she said.

Cr Brieschke said she was always available to talk and can be contacted on 0438 149 954.