Councillors take up roles

Lockyer Valley Regional Councillors Mayor Tanya Milligan, Councillors Chris Wilson and Michael Hagan, David Neuendorf, Julie Reck, Cheryl Steinhardt and Anthony Wilson. Picture: LVRC

Lockyer Valley’s new councillors were assigned their portfolios in council’s ordinary meeting on Wednesday 24 April.

The portfolio model allocates strategic and functional areas of responsibility to the elected councillors and has been Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s model since 2008.

Mayor Tanya Milligan retains the Civic Leadership and Regional Development portfolio, encompassing civic leadership and advocacy, disaster management, and economic development.

Deputy Mayor Chris Wilson takes on the Corporate Services portfolio, covering areas of finance, audit and risk, governance, legal, and organisational development.

Cr Michael Hagan was assigned the Infrastructure portfolio and Cr David Neuendorff has adopted the Planning and Development portfolio, which includes the planning scheme and flood mitigation.

Cr Julie Reck is responsible for Liveability and the Circular Economy, covering libraries and galleries, events, tourism, and waste management.

Cr Cheryl Steinhardt’s portfolio is Environment and Regulatory Services including building and plumbing, natural resource management, and pest management.

Cr Anthony Wilson will handle the Sport and Recreation portfolio, covering parks and gardens, cemeteries, council-owned sporting facilities, and sport and recreation.

Cr Milligan congratulated the councillors on their new portfolios

“I think it’s a much better allocation than we’ve previously seen,” she said.

Similarly, Cr Chris Wilson said the allocation of responsibilities was an improvement.

“I think the split of portfolios as it is presented here today is probably a more even split across the board than we had in the last term of council,” he said.

“It might be good if we did review it, perhaps after 12 months, and just make sure everyone’s happy with what they’ve got and happy with their workload.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council CEO Ian Church said the model was council’s own and the portfolios can be reviewed.

“There’s not legislative authority making this particular model,” he said.

“This is council’s own model and they can be reviewed at any time.

“They can be changed by resolution at any time throughout the year if council wishes to.”

Following the assignment of portfolios, councillors were appointed as representatives on several advisory committees and external committees and groups.