On the right track

Lockyer Valley Regional Councillor Anthony Wilson is a finance broker, family man, and sports enthusiast. Picture: GRACE CRICHTON

Lockyer Valley’s newest and youngest councillor is eager to see the region continue on the right track.

Anthony Wilson had a unique insight into council’s last two terms and was eager to put his hand up to see legacy projects fulfilled.

Brother to Deputy Mayor Chris Wilson, he is no stranger to the role council plays.

“When Chris got elected eight years ago, I had a front row seat to all things council,” Cr Wilson said.

“It got me interested.

“When I heard that there were going to be some changes within council, I wanted to put my hand up and make sure that it was still going in the right direction.”

There are several important milestones and projects the new council has inherited from the previous term which Cr Wilson is keen to see through, such as the water collaborative, planning scheme, and flood mitigation in Withcott and Laidley.

“[They are] such big things that have such an impact not only for the current generation but for generations to come,” he said.

Ensuring a prosperous region for the next generation is particularly relevant as a father of three.

“I am happily married to my wife Kirsty,” he said.

“We’ve got three children together, the youngest of which is five weeks old.

“It’s super duper hectic at the moment but we’re making it work.”

On top of family duties, he is a business owner.

The two brothers established Wilson Brothers Finance in 2014.

“I have had my own finance business in Laidley for the last ten years,” he said.

“I own that with my brother Chris, he’s an account, I’m a finance broker.

“We’ve also got another business called Blue Dog Sports.”

He is no stranger to commitment, as his lifelong involvement in sports testifies.

“Apart from family and council, my next biggest passion is definitely sport,” Cr Wilson said.

“I have been playing first grade cricket in Brisbane for the last 15 years.

“That’s been a huge commitment for me for my whole life, training twice a week, playing most weekends.

“I’ve decided now that I’m on council that I’m going to step away from that, it’s just way too much going on.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to go back and still play cricket a little bit for Laidley, just more locally with a lot of my friends and obviously back in the community.”

He will often spend his weekends at community sports, watching his nieces and nephew play with the Laidley Lions rugby club or soccer with the Gatton Redbacks.

It was a fitting appointment for Cr Wilson to adopt the Sports and Recreation portfolio.

“I’m really excited about getting stuck into the sport and rec portfolio to be honest,” Cr Wilson said.

“Whilst I was open to anything, I really felt like I had something to offer.

“It’s a huge passion of mine and I think it’s such a big part of the region for a lot of people.”

Looking forward to his first term as a councillor, he is determined to make ‘common sense’ decisions and be a voice from the people in the community.

“My goal is to make common sense decisions about the issues that come to me while I’m in that building,” he said.

“Sometimes certain issues arise where people are getting the rough end of the stick and they need a voice within council and I think that’s my job, is to be that voice for people.

“I’m not going to shy away from tough conversations.

“One thing that Chris has taught me is that you’re not always going to be able to help every single person, but you need to communicate with those people and tell them why the decision has been made.

“I think most people will be reasonable if that’s your approach.”