Help save a rescue dog today

Missy the Australian Cattle Dog was saved from euthanasia and then transported to Laidley all the way from Rockhampton. Picture: BRAVE COMPANION DOG RESCUE

The team at Brave Companion Dog Rescue Laidley (BCDR) is urging residents to adopt dogs from local rescues to help prevent furry friends from being euthanised due to lack of space in overcrowded shelters and pounds. 

The Laidley rescue shelter save dogs from the Lockyer Valley and surrounding areas who have been abused and neglected and are searching for a loving family home.

BCDR vice president Charli Ritchens strongly encouraged those looking for their next puppy to first consider the power of adoption and fostering.

“Before you decide to buy a puppy from a backyard breeder, I urge you to pause and consider the heartbreaking reality facing millions of dogs across Australia every day,” she said.

“In overcrowded shelters and pounds, countless furry friends are being put to sleep simply because there is no room left. 

“By adopting from a local rescue or becoming a foster carer, you can be the lifeline these dogs desperately need.” 

BCDR secretary Kim Allen said the shelter gets an overwhelming influx of requests to save dogs daily and is often at capacity.

“We are getting up to 8 requests a day, it takes a toll on all of us in rescue, people are breeding them quicker than we can save them,” she said.

“People are breeding dogs and breeds that nobody wants, including border collie x staffy and bull arab x mastiffs—stop being selfish.

“We will always save the dog most at risk first, not the person who didn’t ask their landlord or got a cattle dog in an 8th-floor high-rise apartment.”

A recent dog rescue involved 183 dogs and puppies taken into RSPCA Queensland custody on 23 April from an alleged puppy farm in southeast Queensland.  

All animals from the rescue mission received care at the RSPCA in accordance with their varying medical and behavioural needs with the case currently under investigation.  

Those wishing to adopt a dog from Brave Companion Dog Rescue can do so by visiting the website