Laidley thanks volunteers

Laidley Community Centre volunteer coordinator Sally Peacock and neighbourhood centre coordinator Jackie Porter (right) were joined by volunteers to celebrate Neighbourhood Centre Week at Community Grounds Cafe on Tuesday, 14 May. Pictures: JACOB HAYDEN

The Laidley Community Centre is in the mood for celebrations.

Neighbourhood centre coordinator Jackie Porter and volunteer coordinator Sally Peacock set up outside Community Grounds Cafe on Tuesday, 14 May to spread the word about the LCC’s work for Neighbourhood Centre Week.

“It’s a celebration of what the community centre can do, showing the services we offer and the activity here at the cafe,” Mrs Peacock said.

“Our social enterprise cafe here is not just about being a cafe, but about taking care of those who are vulnerable.”

“Kaitlyn Fleming, our supervisor here, is really engaged with the communities and lets them know what our centre can do.”

The LCC is also excited to celebrate Volunteers Week on 20 to 26 May.

On Tuesday, 21 May the LCC will host its Mornings at Mary Street Morning Tea, a monthly activity at the Centre, but this week’s theme will celebrate ‘volunteers’.

“We have volunteers doing many different tasks day-to-day at our centre, they always join in and help out, and without them the wheels wouldn’t keep turning,” Mrs Porter said.

“We’re building a little bit of resilience with our volunteer team so they not only get involved with the activities we do regularly, but also can be ready for when we have disasters.”

“We have a special thank you planned for them on the 29th, we’re taking the team away to Awassi Cheesery.”

Mrs Peacock said it was the little things that can make the biggest difference.

“We have a lot of volunteers who do the bread pick up for us, so we have bread for the community every Monday to Friday,” she said.

“That’s a really good thing for the community, because they can come to the centre and know they can get some bread for lunches for their kids for school.”

Mrs Peacock said there were many new people in the area who would be unaware of LCC or the cafe.

“We’ve got a nice hub here [at Community Grounds] as well, we’ve got computers for people to come in and use, we’ve got phone chargers,” she said.

“This social enterprise cafe is really about connecting more and more with the community in a place where they feel it’s safe to be.”

Mrs Porter also had a message for the homeless community in Laidley.

“Hey, we’re here, and you can come and have a shower, wash your clothes and have a coffee and a sandwich,” she said.

“There’s someone there to talk to, if you’re having a tough time just come and chat to us and we’ll help you.”

Visit the LCC at 13 Mary Street and Community Grounds Cafe at 129 Patrick Street in Laidley.